Do's and don'ts of writing a college essay

Writing an essay for the first time is not easy. It takes a lot of practice as well as time to perfect the skills to compose an impressive essay. But if you follow some important guidelines then you can at least compose a good essay and then work on your skills to make it perfect over time. Here are some do's and don'ts which an essay writer must follow when writing an essay at the college level.

Do's of writing an essay

Whenever you are assigned an essay, the best approach is to start it early so that you have enough time to revise it, modify it if needed, or even rewrite it. Even if you have composed the perfect content you should give yourself some time to improve its presentation. If you start early then you will have plenty of time on your hands to do research in peace. Otherwise, you will be handling the last hour to get your essay done which would not be even good enough.

  1. When you start your essay, it is necessary that you first read all the instructions given to you by your teacher. Take your time and read all instructions carefully. Make sure that you do not skip the word limit instruction because that will be directing content for your college essay. Similarly, there will be many important guidelines you should follow, in case you don't follow these guidelines you will lose marks.
  2. After you have understood all the instructions it is necessary that you start your research with those in mind. Make sure that you have completely understood the topic or prompt. Then look for some credible sources which offer evidence-based findings. It is necessary that you choose the sources which are relevant to your topic.
  3. Next, create an outline for your essay. No matter what time of essay it is you are required to create an elaborate outline that will include all the main components of your essay. After you have stated all different parts of the essay to divide the word count between them. If you do not follow this step, it is very likely that you are writing a lot of content for the introduction and other important factors rather than focusing on your main key points. If you do not fulfill the purpose of your essay, then it is of no use.
  4. Make sure that after you include your arguments to support it with the evidence from your research in clear words. Only stating arguments will not give a good impression to the readers.
  5. It is necessary that you position your arguments in the correct order according to the type of your essay. For instance, if you are writing an argumentative essay it is necessary that you first state your arguments and prove them. After that, you are required to include the rebuttal argument. If you feel unsure about the order of the components then go back to your outline and make necessary changes.
  6. After you have completed your essay make sure that you go through it at least once before submitting it to your teacher. No matter how great your contact is, if it contains spelling or grammatical mistakes, then the essay will not be as effective as otherwise

Don'ts of writing an essay

  1. If you are not given a specific topic for an essay then it is recommended that you do not pick a topic that is already over-debated. If you write such an essay, and that your teacher might not even read it because of an uninteresting topic.
  2. A common mistake in the essays is that students repeat information they do not have sufficient content. Even in cases when the students have enough to write they repeat information thinking that it will place emphasis on it. However, it just looks like you have nothing more to write. So, avoid repeating information in your essay until it is done purposely and accurately.
  3. Many students think that using complex words and phrases will make their essays look great, however, it is not true. If you are not able to convey the meaning of your points then using intricate vocabulary is of no use
  4. Do not just include information randomly, rather be specific in the details. Many students do not do proper research and write any similar content in the essay.
  5. Do not include your personal opinions or life stories in an essay to submit to your college. If you are required to write an essay based on research, then you must prove your point through evidence from the research. So, do not be personal unless you are writing a personal narrative essay.
  6. Do not forget to format your essay according to your teacher’s guidelines. In most cases, you will specify the type of format for your essay depending upon the discipline. Make sure to follow that format.

With the guidelines, you can easily create an essay that is good enough to get you an A grade. It is suggested that you go through the steps before composing your essay and keep them in mind when writing. You have completed it, go through these guidelines again to make sure that you have not made any crucial step. If you practice these steps enough, you will not have to go through them again rather they will be on your fingertips. This will help you compose a perfect essay every single time.

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