Draft a great admission essay - A complete overview

If you are thinking of taking admission this year, then you may also know that you have to undergo the process of admission. Remember, a best-written admission essay is needed to put life into your admission application. Before writing your admission essay, take a few minutes to think about your admission officer who will be reading your essay and how you will convey important information about yourself? Keep in mind, a college essay is an opportunity to share your personality, influences, goals, and challenges. One of the most common struggles that are faced by most of the students is to summarize the most relevant information in 500-600 words admission essays. Here are some tips to write an effective admission essay.

Know Your Prompt

Do not rush! Take some time to understand the question that is being asked. The most important part of your essay preparation is to understand the essay prompt. When you have finished writing, make sure that your admission essay complies with the prompt. Usually, the question of a college essay focuses on ideas that spark your creativity. Take some time to think about what is asked and how you will respond to it.


Now brainstorm all possible ideas and think about how you will address the admission essay questions. Believe it or not! Brainstorming is more tiring than the actual writing process. The main purpose of brainstorming is to come up with maximum ideas so that when you start writing, you don’t face any difficulty. Remember! You have to draw all relevant events and experiences that serve as strong examples. Write all your ideas down otherwise you can forget. At this stage, it is best to narrow down your ideas and choose three main concepts that best fit in the application essay. You should have sufficient details that demonstrate your characteristics, details, beliefs, and perseverance.

Develop an outline

Now create an outline of what you are going to write. A perfect admission essay comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. By following the outline, you can make your essay easy to read and coherent. Make a strategy of how you will start your essay. A question? Anecdote? Or use of humor? At this stage, also identify the tone of your admission essay based on your ideas and then stick to your writing style. By planning your essay layout, you will logically put all information.

Write your essay

Once you have satisfied yourself with the format of your essay, then start writing. By now, you exactly know what you are going to write. So hop on the computer and start writing. Remember! If you don’t have time then the best way is to order essays from the best essay writing service by providing them all relevant information.

Be Specific

Start with the main idea and try to be specific. Avoid the use of generic, predictable, and clichéd phrases by creating the main idea with detailed and vivid events, facts, quotations, and examples.

Be yourself: Keep in mind! Admission officers know at first glance which essay is a recycled academic essay or which is a student's original story.


This is the last step in writing an admission essay. Until now you have worked so hard so don’t compromise on this step. Remember! Typos and grammatical errors put a bad impression on your admission officer. So give yourself some time to edit and proofread. Keep your essay aside for a few hours or one day before you edit or proofread it. Revising your essay with a fresh mind can help you to focus on the actual words instead of seeing you think you wrote. Don’t only rely on the grammar and spelling check software. This software can't detect all errors so review yourself carefully.

Don’t use slangs and acronyms as these are not suitable in admission essays. One good approach is to read your admission essay backward. Although it sounds silly, believe me, reading in a backward direction not only allows you to detect the typos mistake but also the forgotten articles such as ‘the’ or ‘a’. You can also ask your friend, teacher, or parent to review your admission essay. Ask them to check for any typos or grammatical errors and provide you feedback.

You can also hire online proofreading services where your write my essay requests are processed on a priority basis. Keep in mind! The admission officer will only spend a few minutes reviewing your application so you must start your essay with a compelling introduction to catch the attention of your admission officer. You can begin with an interesting story that demonstrates some of the best parts of your personality. Don’t base your essay on ideas and phrases that are used before by many people, but try to shape your essay on your genuine belief.

The admission essay is an opportunity to impress your admission officer. So make sure that it reflects your ambitions and skills and how the chosen program will help you to achieve your future goal. Your essay helps you to showcase your admission officer, what makes you unique among thousand other candidates. Although you need to be creative but don’t exaggerate your accomplishments to show yourself better. You should also acknowledge your weaknesses to prove your credibility.

Take some break

If you are overwhelmed and frustrated by your essay, then the best way is to take some break otherwise you will end up producing a low-quality admission essay. A short walk with your cute little furry pooch can help to make your mind fresh and also help you to brainstorm new ideas for your essay.

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