Easy Examples on How to Write Scholarship Essays – Guide

Did you just realize how much you have to pay for a college education? Are you looking for ways to fund your college education? The college fees are skyrocketing. It is nearly impossible for a middle-class parent to pay for the college education of their kids without having savings or taking a student loan. Well, no parent or a student wants to get under the burden of a student loan. It is really horrifying. Therefore, many students try to hunt out the best scholarships to fund most of their college fees. However, there are very few scholarships available, and too many students are applying for them, this means that there is a very tough competition. If you really want to have a chance at winning the scholarship, you must write a compelling and stellar essay that would compensate for your not-so-bright report card. Writing a winning essay, would not be an easy task, but you should believe in yourself and put in the hard work, and follow the guidelines given in this blog and you will be fine. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Starting your essay

Do you know how many students you are competing with for a scholarship? There might be a large number of students applying for the scholarship but you must know that only a very few are taking it seriously and your competition is with those few. Do you know what these other students are doing? These students just look at the essay prompts and in the next second they start writing it. They complete their essay in an hour and submit it without reviewing it or formatting it. These students are not putting the hard work into it. They are just wasting their time. You should give all the time to writing the application essay for a scholarship.

Understanding the essay prompt

If you are already given a prompt, an essay writer should first understand it completely before putting pen to paper. Many times students fail because they begin writing the essay without fully understanding the essay prompt. You must divide the prompt into different sections, if needed, and only begin when you are sure that you have grasped the true meaning of the prompt. You may discuss it with your teachers or class fellows to completely understand it. You can also hire a paper writing service to select a topic for you.


After understanding the essay prompt, you should brainstorm ideas around the essay prompt. You should think of a good and bewitching attention grabber opener for your essay. You should think of different ways to write a thesis statement and then various ways to support it. You may also take a look at scholarship essay examples to get an idea of how your essay is supposed to be and what type of arguments and writing style you should be using for your essay. You must take notes. These thoughts and ideas will help you in making an outline of your essay and then writing the essay draft.

  • Making an outline

    Now it’s time to organize your thoughts and make a sketch of your essay. You must create an essay outline. It would help you write the essay in a structured and organized way. Your essay would consist of three main parts that would be organized as follow:

    • Introduction

      This the first section of your essay and you must begin it with a bang, hook statement, which would captivate the interest of the reader and would make them read it till the end. Thereafter you will give a brief overview of the essay and then end this section with a strong thesis statement.

    • Body paragraphs

      In this section, you will discuss the thesis statement. You will write three body paragraphs, each focusing on one main argument supporting the thesis statement. You will start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and will give strong evidence and examples to substantiate your point.

    • Concluding section

      Here in this last section, you will wrap up the discussion by reemphasizing the thesis statement and briefly giving an overview of all the main arguments discussed in the body section. You can also include a positive lesson for the readers to learn from the essay that is enriched with your life experiences.

  • Writing the first draft

    Without waiting for the last week of the submission of the essay, you must begin working on the initial draft of your essay as early as possible. Writing the initial draft early would give you ample time to perfect your scholarship essay by weeding out all the faults in it. You must start off by getting a hook statement and then composing a strong thesis statement that is also debatable. While writing the first draft, you do not have to worry about making it perfect.

  • Polishing the initial draft

    After completing the first draft of your essay, you must take a break and relax. After clearing your head you must begin the process of polishing and making the draft perfect. You should read the essay out loud, you will find many grammatical and spelling errors in the essay, you should weed them out. If you think that a sentence does not make sense or does not belong at its place, you must rephrase it or remove it completely.

  • Get help with proofreading

    You should know that proofreading your essay yourself is never a good idea. You have done enough, now you should get some help in proofreading the essay. Ask a professional paper writing service, a friend, or an elder brother to proofread your essay. They will be able to see many mistakes that you were not able to see.

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