Easy Hacks to write an Exemplary Exemplification Essay – Guidelines

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay in which a writer has to give some specific examples that can communicate the central point. In some of the cases, those examples are used as proof to prove the point to be discussed in the college essay. The main purpose of writing an exemplification essay is to quote some strong examples that can help teachers understand why a student has taken a stance. One such example is, “global warming can have negative impact” is not enough. Rather you need to come up with some examples that can help the reader understand why you think that global warming has a negative nature or it can have a negative impact. The example can either be in the form of an experiment, the real-life observations, or the other facts that are considered to be undeniable truths. Writing an exemplification essay can be both tough as well as an essay job but it depends on the understanding of the student and the topic that is chosen. In order to help you with essay writing by sharing some good and quick hack that can help an essay writer to write a perfect exemplification essay.

  1. 1. Choice of topic
  2. One of the quick hacks that can ease the complex task of essay writing is a wise selection of topics. It is suggested that a student should choose a topic that has a large amount of research published on it. A student can also choose a minority topic. It refers to the topic that is not discussed openly or the one that is usually discussed in terms of opposite characteristics. Once you have chosen the topic that is perfect you need to worry less about the topic because students face issues when either they fail to choose an appropriate topic, i.e. having less information or no information at all.

  3. 2. Thesis statement
  4. The thesis statement works like magic in an essay. No matter what type of essay you are writing, if you have a well-composed thesis statement it is easy to maintain the flow of the essay or write a detailed account that is justified with the help of examples. Some of the important points to remember while writing a thesis statement is, make sure your thesis statement comprises all the ideas that you are going to discuss in the essay and it is in the same flow in which you will make the paragraphs of your essay.

  5. 3. Making paragraphs
  6. None of the essays is complete without appropriate paragraphs. Once you are writing an essay, make sure that all the paragraphs are aligned. Each paragraph should discuss one single idea or a single perspective or dimension. In an exemplification essay, your essay should have at least one proof or a justification for the idea that you have discussed. If your essay has more length then you should try to discuss two interconnected ideas and each of them should be backed with the help of strong evidence and proofs.

  7. 4. Types of examples and proofs
  8. As an exemplification essay is all about the type of examples and proofs that you have added in the essay. It will be more attractive if you will use a variety of information, each having its own types. In one paragraph you can choose a statistical approach, while in the other essay you can add some experimentation and their result. In the coming paragraph, you can quote some illustrations or graphs as well. It will not only add to the weightage of your essay but your writing will look more formal and it will be easy for the evaluator to evaluate the type of information communicated.

  9. 5. References and citations
  10. One of the pro-technique that is considered and given importance in an essay is the appropriate citations and references. It has significance in the exemplification essay because a lot of information is retrieved from other sources or websites. You need to cite all the diagrams and the illustrations that will be added to the essay. It is important to follow the standard format that is given by the institutions. It means that you have to write either in APA format or MLA whatever is suggested by the institution. You will not only cite the text of your essay but the diagrams and the illustrations as well.

  11. 6. Editing and proofreading
  12. We have all heard our teachers saying, write least but write accurately. We ignore this line but it is important to think about it. Let’s suppose you are writing a 6-7 pages long essay and it is full of mistakes and errors, it will not earn you good grades. This clearly shows that the evaluator is more conscious about the error-free and accurate text rather than the text that is full of mistakes. It is obvious that the scholarly approach of the text is not visible until it is clear and readable. So, give special consideration to the proofreading of your text because it will help you write an error-free text. It is suggested to get your text proofread by a third person because others can define more errors and mistakes rather than the writer because of the flow and the understating of the text.

Following all these ideas, you will be able to write a good exemplification essay. It will not only meet all the requirements of a good essay but your teachers will grade it in a generous way because an essay is all about the way information is conveyed and how you have presented your information. Similarly, you can also get help from a legit essay writing service to get done with this task.

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