Easy Steps to Format a College Application Essay in no time

A college application essay is the most important task for a student when it comes to getting admission to a prestigious college. Any college application essay (written on any topic) feels like an important and personal component of the college admission application. Many students worry about how to format my college application essay. Some even take it as a daunting and challenging task. But the case is not what you think.

The above statement says that you should not worry about the format of your college application essay. Instead, be at rest. It is not a too challenging task. But it only asks you to learn and make some efforts. And you would achieve what you ever wanted to achieve.

Formatting is not only about line spacing and font size. But it is something more than what we think. Formatting your college application essay including the approach you use to structure your thoughts and opinion. But no need to worry, everything would be fine. An essay writer just needs to follow the steps suggested in this article and you will be able to format your college application essay in no time.

Step 1

The margin around the page you are writing on is a crucial component of college application essay formatting/format. One must consider the margins of the paper when writing any kind of essay, especially application essays. No doubt that you do not have to do something with it because different programs like MS Word and Google Docs etc. offer a pre-formatted setting for you. For instance, MS Word sets a 1-inch margin while many essays’ guidelines ask for a 1-inch margin. But you still have to consider it. So, you will meet even if guidelines ask for something different. Consult an essay writing service to do it for you.

Step 2

Another key thing to consider when formatting a college application essay is spacing or line spacing. MS Word sets single spacing but college application essay guidelines usually ask for double space between lines. In short, based on the requirements of your college application essay, always ensure that the line spacing of your paper is fixed accordingly. Like; set double space if essay guidelines ask for double line spacing.

To do this perfectly, choose a paragraph and then select the spacing in the spacing (under indent).

Step 3

Font size and type are other key components when it comes to the formatting of a college application essay. All things/components are important but the significance of font size and style is very huge. So, you should take special care of it when designing your college application essay format. In most cases, college admission committees ask for a particular font style and size. Most of the time, college admission committees ask for Times New Roman and Calibri fonts. Whilst they usually ask students to write their essays using 12 font size.

Hence, always follow essay guidelines and format your essay using the acceptable font style and size. Additionally, making it is an easy task for you to do. So never worry, just take another step towards your achievement.

Step 4

As stated earlier, sometimes, formatting rules and guidelines are specified by the admission committee. For instance, they may have specified that students should use a particular academic writing style when composing their essays. Like; they may ask you to follow MLA, APA, or Harvard writing style to write your admission essay.

So, always look for this point as you receive the guidelines file from the college you are applying to. Hence, you will be able to complete your task in the possibly shortest time. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service to do this task for you.

Step 5

Heading or headings of a college application essay may be more important than the content. Every member of the admission committee reads a large number of admission essays a day. They sometimes skip reading an essay that consists of ineffectual headings. The content of an essay has no value in such a case. Hence, the importance of every heading is huge. So, do your best to include strong, attention-grabbing, and accurate headings. As well as format them with perfection. Like; follow the formatting rules (i.e. font size) for formatting headings.

There is a standard way to do it? Yes! Strictly follow it!

The formatting of headings mainly depends on the writing styles you use. While some colleges accept general formatting. Hence, always take care accordingly. But you think about how it can be done? Here you go!

  • Put your name on the first line
  • Write the name of your supervisor on the very next line
  • Write down the subject of your essay on the third line
  • Write submission date on the fourth (last) line

Select all lines and then press Ctrl + L.

Additional Guidance

Many colleges give students the opportunity to send paper college admission applications. This typically gives a student a strong control/command over the formatting of the admission essay. But we do not suggest sending paper applications. We do not suggest because;

  1. Many colleges say “we prefer to receive online applications from students”. And this does not put an impact on your admission chances. Hence, try your best to go after the preferences of the college in the process. Because following institutional likings would make the process easy and smooth for you.
  2. Indeed, there is a possibility of problems in the process with both online and paper applications. But chances of a problem with the paper application are higher. For example, it (paper application may be lost in the mail). While you can get prompt updates if any problem occurs with the online application as compared to the paper application. Hence, always consider submitting online applications if you have the option. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

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