Effective tips to avoid plagiarism in a high school essay

Has the goal of plagiarism been haunting you lately? No worries, almost every student is afraid of the ghost. It almost seems insurmountable to many students to get over the fear of plagiarism. The reason is that the ghost of plagiarism follows you like your shadow, throughout your academic career. This is the reason that every person involved in academic writing, be it a professional essay writer or a high school student needs to keep them updated about ways to overcome the fear of plagiarism and successfully steer clear of it.

Not only difficult but it is quite impossible for high school students to come up with all the information and content for their essays without any outside help. Students have to do some research and look at various sources before they even begin to start writing their essays. They give evidence and quote experts in the field to prove their claims. All this information comes from other sources that belong to someone else. You cannot just use the information provided by another writer without giving them any due credits. It is just unfair. Not only unfair but it is a heinous academic theft and is a punishable crime.

If the ghost of plagiarism had been haunting you for a while, you must read this article. In it, we will discuss what plagiarism is, how one gets punished for it, why it is important to avoid it, and in the end, we will look at ways to avoid plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

If I am to avoid plagiarism in my college essay, I must know what it actually is. So that I could steer clear of it. Plagiarism is stealing. It is copying someone else’s work and saying that you have created it yourself. Putting your name on someone else’s work is plagiarism. It ranges from copying the whole essay and changing the information on the cover page to copying chunks from different sources and writing a few words yourself and making an essay. Rephrasing someone else’s and not citing it also falls under the ambit of plagiarism.

Why is it important to avoid plagiarism?

Many high school students may ask this question. To make you come up with the answer yourself, let me put the question in another way. Why is it important to avoid stealing? Do I still need to answer this question? Plagiarism is an ethical issue but it also has some serious consequences for you that would haunt you forever. You can get into serious trouble for stealing. You may fail your essay and the teacher could make up his/her mind to fail you in the course. The stain of plagiarism stays with you forever. If you are still not convinced that you should avoid plagiarism, you should read the following paragraph about its punishment.

How one is punished for plagiarizing?

Your teacher demands a non-plagiarized essay. This means that they do not want you to copy others’ stuff and present it as yours. Plagiarism is a heinous and serious crime. It not puts a huge question mark on your academic integrity but could also result in serious punishment, ranging between getting your essay thrown out to getting thrown out from the school and college. For professional writers, this could be an end of their careers. Plagiarism is a punishable offense and is equated with stealing.

In your high school, if you do not want to be embarrassed in front of your peers, if you do not want to fail your essay, if you do not want a bad record that could keep you from getting into your dream college, you must not plagiarize. You must be able to write a non-plagiarized essay.

How to avoid plagiarism?

If I am to write my essay, I must know how to steer clear of plagiarism? Here are some practical tips to avoid plagiarism:

Start early

This may sound generic but believe me, if you could follow this advice you will not only stay away from even thinking of plagiarizing intentionally but would also have ample time to resolve unintentional plagiarism in your essays. Stop procrastinating and start working on your essay as early as the teacher assigns you the topic. This way you do not have to think of shortcuts in the last hours.


It is the most important tool in the hands of students to avoid plagiarism. However, you should make sure that your thoughts are flowing smoothly in your essay. To do this efficiently, you must first read a paragraph and then write it in your own words. You have to use your own words to deliver the same message.

Cite correctly

Rephrasing is not enough. It does not mean that now you own the text, you still have to give credit to the respective author by properly giving credit to the original author by citing the source. You cannot just cite sources as you like but according to the proper format and respective citation style guidelines.

Add value

One great way to avoid plagiarism and write insightful essays is by adding value to the information. You should not just provide the information that you get from other sources, rather you should look at the information through different perspectives. By including your insights, you should tell your teacher that you have understood the information.

Using plagiarism checker

One of the great ways to avoid plagiarism is to check and resolve it before submitting it to your teacher. There are hundreds of plagiarism checking software, you should check plagiarism of your essay before passing it to your teacher. This way an essay writer would know where the fault lies and therefore, can easily resolve the issues.

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