Essay Writing - Do's and Don'ts

Essay writing is a daunting task and many students struggle to nail the art of essay writing. Although, you have to comb through a multitude of primary and secondary research sources and then organize your ideas in a proper flow to make your essay worth reading. However, despite all the hardships, essay writing is a task that can surely help you out in getting good grades along with all the spotlight that you have always desired.

Essay writing helps students in not only fostering their writing skills but it helps them foster their research conducting skills and creative skills as well.

Typically, a high school or college essay consists of a five-paragraph essay on any topic. That sounds easy-peasy right. But believe it isn’t that easy to write a five-paragraph essay when you aren’t familiar with the nitty-gritty of essay writing.

Wanna know the do’s and don’ts of essay writing so the next time you are assigned with a task to write an essay you can easily write an incredible essay? If yes, then pack your bags, and let’s embark on the journey to learn more about essay writing.

The Do’s

  • What’s the topic at hand?

    When you are assigned an essay writing task and your professor has selected a topic for you already then it is necessary to look at a topic and analyze it from various perspectives. Typically, students after reading the topic, kick start their writing process and end up with an essay that isn’t as per the professor’s instructions.

    After reading the topic you need to brainstorm and then with a clear mindset start asking questions from yourself. What comes into your mind after reading the topic? What points are necessary to explain the topics? and many more.

    Tip: Be an active reader and take notes and try to understand the technical aspects of the topic as well and then you can start the writing process.

  • Re-read the prompt

    Students only read the topic and think that their task is done. However, in reality, it is important to read the prompt carefully. It can help an essay writer in determining the essay type and can also let you know about the formatting requirements.

    There are a few professors’ that don’t pay attention to the formatting however many are there who are strict regarding the formatting. Thus, don’t let your marks slip away just because you don't follow the formatting requirements.

  • Thesis statement

    After reading the prompt and topic carefully it’s time to form an opinion about the topic. This will serve as a pillar for your writing. Ask yourself a basic question about what is the idea or ideas that interest you the most or what side of the argument you’ll be favoring or what claim you’ll be making. Write your claims clearly and concisely and let the readers know what you’ll be discussing in your essay and what they can expect from your essay.

    Tip: Don’t exaggerate your claims since you won’t be able to further explain them effectively in your essay rather stick to the basics and make claims that you can easily discuss and defend in the essay.

  • Keep your sources close

    Although primary sources are the main sources that you’ll need to write an essay effectively, don’t underestimate the power of secondary sources as well. Try to extract information from secondary sources and don’t miss the opportunity to get every ounce of guidance from them.

The don’ts

  • Skimming the sources

    When you are gathering the data to support your claims you must read the content carefully. Many students skim through the sources and often don’t pay attention to the main concept of the content. The lack of understanding can cost them their grades since professors are more interested in your analysis and how you support the claims using authentic sources.

    It is important to read the content from the sources and jot down the important points so that you can use them in your essay and demonstrate exceptional research skills.

  • Using clichés and idioms

    A good vocabulary can impress everyone. However, excessive use of synonyms along with idioms or metaphors is something that can deviate readers’ attention and make it difficult for them to comprehend.

    Readers are interested in your analysis and how your ideas are organized in a proper flow. Therefore, it is better to use simple words and avoid flowery words.

  • Not proofreading

    One of the biggest mistakes that students make is not proofreading and making corrections. Most of the time while writing no matter how expert you are in writing you may make several grammatical errors or punctuations mistakes. Moreover, chances are that while writing you may add fluff and not realizing while also not considering the word count requirements.

    The main aim of proofreading is to point out errors therefore don’t skip this step. If you have little to no time or aren’t an expert in grammar, then I suggest you hire an essay writer from an essay writing service online and get your essay proofread by a professional. Moreover, a professional can craft an effective essay for you as well. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is. So, do try it.

  • Plagiarism

    Submitting plagiarized work can not only cost you your grades but can also put a question mark on your reputation. Therefore, make sure that you avoid it. If you are taking content from sources, you mustn’t copy-paste the content rather try rephrasing it to avoid plagiarism while also giving proper credits to the authors of the sources.

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