Essay Writing Problems & Solution - A student Guide

As a student, you have faced several problems while writing an essay in your college. Most of the students think that academic writing is one of the most difficult tasks given to them in college and university. You need to master the art of writing to ace your assignment but learning takes time. You can not learn everything in a blink of an eye. It requires a lot of practice and time but the problem is that you usually don’t have enough time for learning. You have got bundles of assignments to do and you gotta do all of them before the deadline.

You are not alone who is facing problems while writing an essay there are millions of other students as well who also encounter those problems. Usually, those problems are considered small or insignificant problems but they make a huge difference. Due to the problems that students encounter every day while writing academic assignments, they lose hope and interest. Some students get hopeless and think that no matter what they do they will never be able to write an impressive essay and get an A grade. Trust me, that's not true. You are capable of so much but you just need the right direction. Every problem comes with a solution and it is our responsibility to find a solution to the problems that we may be facing. Don’t worry because I will share a guide of problems and the solution that students face while writing an academic essay. It will provide the necessary essay help.

Problems and Solution

  1. 1. Unable to understand the Topic

    One of the most common problems that are faced by the students is that they fail to understand the topic and it makes it difficult to write an essay or report on it. It is very important to understand the topic but if you don’t understand the topic you may mess your entire essay ups. Your entire essay revolves around the topic of your essay.

    • Solution
      • You should not pick a difficult topic
      • Always pick a familiar and easy topic for your essay
      • Ask your instructor to explain the topic to you
  2. 2. Vague Thesis Statement

    Most students don’t know how to develop a thesis statement. The most important part of the essay is the development of a thesis statement and when it is not built and placed correctly the entire essay gets ruined. A vague and ambiguous thesis statement can get you low grades because when you yourself won’t understand it how can readers be able to understand your thesis statement. Your entire essay reflects upon your thesis statement.

    • Solution
      • Understand your topic
      • Read instructions carefully
      • Understand what is a thesis statement and its importance
      • Learn how to develop an effective thesis statement
      • Conduct research
  3. 3. Vocabulary/Tone and Style of the Essay

    Many students are not native English speakers so they find it difficult to use highly professional and impressive vocabulary according to the requirements of the academic essay. It is important to develop a specific tone and style of the essay according to the type of the essay. For example, a descriptive essay has to have a difference as compared to an analytical essay. Students often find it difficult to adapt a certain tone and style to define an event or perspective due to the lack of research and knowledge.

    • Solution
      • Analyze the type of essay before writing
      • It is important to pre-write your essay to determine what tone and styles are required to be adapted for what type of essay.
      • The vocabulary that should be used in an essay depends on the topic and the type of essay.
      • Some of the essays require informal vocabulary while some of them require highly professional and formal vocabulary.
      • To increase your vocabulary use thesaurus or dictionary to help you use new words in your academic writing.

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  4. 4. Structure of the Essay

    Structuring an essay is also one of the problems faced by students these days. No doubt structuring an essay is important but equally as difficult a task to do. Most of the students chose to skip this part due to its complexity. You should not avoid this part of the essay because an unstructured essay gives a poor impression to the reader and it can decrease your chances of getting a good grade in your class. You need to solve this issue to make your document look more appealing and professional to the readers.

    • Solution
      • You need to follow the standard structure that is advised by your instructor
      • You need to take help from the internet or some online website on how to cite your references to avoid plagiarism.
      • Draw an outline before writing an actual essay so that structuring your essay would be easier for you.

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