Essential library search techniques you need to learn before you write a literature review

Everybody emphasizes too much on going to the library and studying. It is a quote that never gets old but sometimes you might be feeling “yeah, I can handle it no problem”. The research paper or college essay is the best time to visit the library and even if it is not a physical one, a digital one would be even better. One essential component of the entire research paper is a literature review that provides a glimpse of what is going on in the world regarding the topic. It also makes identifying a gap way easier and would give a new dimension to the subject. Here is how you excel at finding the relevant information.

Library Search Techniques

  • Start the journey by identifying your topic. The topic would give you the essential boost towards finding the relevant information. You would initially conduct some research as well to find exactly what you are looking for but the major bulk would begin now. The topic should be just the right level of complexity to provide you with sufficient data to manage the entire paper.
  • Identify your research questions as well as any other accompanying details with it. This would allow you to be specific when searching the literature from the vast quantity of information. You do not want to waste time scrolling through unnecessary information. This will also allow you to find some specific keywords that would be mandatory. It would make research so much easier. Find out any synonyms or relevant phrases that could be utilized instead of the main ones as well. This would widen your searching foundation and open gateway to potentially find more and more articles of necessity.
  • Once all this is done, go to a library preferably an authentic and credible one such as google scholar and type in your keywords. Look through the most effective options available. There are other settings that are also available that would allow you to find the most recent and closely related content. You must set a research limit and time. You may feel a halt when trying to find ways on how to write a literature review but do not be alarmed. An expert essay writer could guide you on how to efficiently search and write the most relevant content available. You can search for multiple libraries in order to find out the best and the most relevant papers from the lot. The data present might be huge so skimming should be top-notch.
  • Open up an article that feels most relevant and identify the importance of going through the abstract. This would give you an indication of what to expect in the entire text. If it seems legit then you can scroll through the paper to find hidden gems. You would mainly be focussing on some specific heading at the most. The introduction would provide you with a transparent idea regarding what the research paper is about. The methodologies would help guide you regarding the methods used by the authors in finding results. The results would show which side of the whole paper is being supported and whether the claims were true or not. Finally, the conclusion and future prospects would help you see if there is any room for you to fill the gap left by the research.
  • Take note of all these details and try to form a cohesive unit consisting of similar research. You could divide them based on your own requirements. It could be based entirely upon the dates of studies or the actual research topic or maybe you would like to arrange them based on the core concepts. These would ultimately become the various sections of your research.
  • While you are doing this, you have to be aware of the research questions and do not take your mind off that. This is because this might ultimately distract you and you could incorporate some irrelevant information that should not be part of the final draft.
  • Once a significant amount of data would be collected, you would be going ahead with your whole writing process. As you get down to the literature review segment, you would be making sure that you have all the notes gathered with you and all the relevant information setup to incorporate.

The literature review holds great worth among the various sections of the research paper. As usual, the review would be connecting with the thesis statement as shall all the other paragraphs. This is mainly because you would be talking about a certain topic and deviations from it would be considered negative. The literature review would be set up according to your preference and in a way that would make the most impact.

One important thing to note is that there can be two research paper types. One would be based around experimentation and generating results while the other would solely depend upon the literature review to study certain aspects of the topic. The prior one would require you to carefully establish what you would be experimenting with and expand on what the researchers have already done in the past.

Secondly, if the research paper is based solely on literature reviews, then you would have to arrange the content in such a way as to make sense and generate some conclusion from the studies. This could be done effectively by managing the articles and arranging them in the base of their topics and what each research brought to the table.

Lastly, you can also hire a professional essay writing service to write a perfect literature review for you in no time.

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