Essential pre-writing steps for a college grade analytical essay

For some students writing an essay can be tricky while for others it is just a piece of cake. The only difference is if you know all the principles and steps you can write an extraordinary essay. The situation may become difficult if you do not know the rules. You may have learned and studied essay writing techniques but knowing is slightly different than applying. Everyone knows that a good essay starts with an introduction but can they all write a good one. It is a matter of concern but there are important steps that should be fulfilled even before writing an essay. There are different types of essay and each requires a unique method to follow.

Of course, the structure like introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion are the same in every essay. The main difference happens in body paragraphs but you are forgetting one important thing again. There are some steps like brainstorming, collecting data, making diagrams, asking questions for primary data, freewriting, clustering, and listing. The absence of these points would mean that your essay definitely lacks much-needed coherence and eloquence. If you are writing an analytical essay, make sure it must have analysis otherwise it would simply be a descriptive essay. For your guidance, I am writing down some prewriting steps that are important to follow if you intend to write a good essay.

Pre-writing steps for an analytical essay

Pre-writing means to make a comprehensive strategy that would help you to write a good essay. It usually generates clarity of ideas for both reader and an essay writer, in general, you can call it brainstorming techniques. There are several ways under which you can determine your prewriting steps. The important ones are as follows:


It is important even if you have selected your topic, brainstorming would enable you to collect many ideas. Some of them may not directly relate to your topic but they would have some relevance indirectly. Once you start brainstorming it would start a flow of ideas. It would help you to narrow down your research. You can do it individually, with another person, or in a group. Initially, it would be just a thought but by thinking you can change it into an idea and then an argument.


It means to write without thinking it would generate a flow of ideas and you would be able to write a good essay without any distraction. One point is important to note that you should know certain facts and figures or theoretical concepts for free writing. Usually, the time limit in freewriting is 10 to 15 minutes; in this period you should cover as many ideas as possible.

Do not worry about your grammar, spelling, or punctuation. When you are done with freewriting then go through it once and highlight important ideas. It would help you to narrow down your research and ideas for your final essay.


It is also related to freewriting that helps you to narrow down your research on a topic you want to write. In looping your ideas become organized if you find any potential idea, then start writing. It works in two ways, first, it allows you to write on a topic, and second to explore new ideas and topics for your final essay.

The rules of looping and freewriting are the same as both do not require revision or editing. Just go with the flow and write everything about a topic which you can write. Looping means to circle your thoughts or go through the same idea many times it would help you to get specific information. Your idea would transform from tentative to the final topic and them to a thesis statement.

Mind mapping/Clustering

You would get many ideas during brainstorming, clustering would help you to form a bridge among those ideas. Write your main idea in the center of the page with other ideas encircling it, the next step is to link all other ideas with the central idea. You may find more than one way to link all ideas with the central idea. The end result on the page would look like a web, separate each cluster or group, and decide on which you want to write.

It is difficult to perform but remember it is not impossible you can do it with a little effort. If you think it is overwhelming for you then do not get any stress. Just hire a professional ‘write my essay’ service for your essay. It is a legit academic service having professional essay writers with years of experience. I am sure you would get an outstanding essay if you would hire such a service.

Asking questions

There is no other way to ask questions except to start from five W's. Yes, it is correct, you should adopt this technique and it would help you to explore your topic. It is also known as journalistic questions but the questions should be flexible enough to find the required details. There are slight chances that you may not find your answer in ‘what’ then try to find it in ‘who.’

For example, if you are writing about the start of the Cold War you would not be able to find an answer if you start your question with 'who' while in the case of 'what' you can find many answers. For example, instead of asking ‘what caused the Cold War,’ ask ‘who was responsible for the start of the Cold War?’ It is one of the ways to collect relevant data even before you start writing your college essay.

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