Example of a Press Release for an Event - Sample

The contemporary environment on the web is overflowing with information overload. All the time, people on the web are being bombarded with marketing efforts, achievements of the companies, newly launched ventures of the influencers, and joint collaborations of the social media activists.

Individuals, businesses, social media activists, people from joint ventures, and all those who have an upcoming event will greatly benefit from this article. People spend hours surfing through the details of press media examples on the web in order to find the perfect sample. At the end of this article, a sample is provided which will help an essay writer to get inspired about writing an effective press release.

How to grab the attention of people to let them know about your upcoming event?

This is a question that is asked every day by millions of businesses every day. Press releases have become a lot more trendy in the digital era because people don't have a lot of time reading long invites for any event. People want to get shocked and surprised. They want newness. They want unique and creative ideas. Constant stimulus from digital devices and various media platforms have rendered people numb. No one wants to come to an event that does not have a proper and seemingly attractive invite.

While writing a press release, a certain audience has to be kept in mind. Spreading the word about an event and hoping that online sources including journalists, social media influencers, activists, and other businesses will pick it up instantly is a pipedream in this age. A press release is a cost-effective promotional tool that can help anyone who wants publicity about their event.

Below are some of the things which can be considered before writing a press release. People have started to define their requirements and expectations or you can ask others to write my paper.

Proper facts, figures, and sensible quotes are highly appreciated as compared to adjectives, praises, and unnecessary exaggeration. If flowery descriptions are used, readers have a hard time grasping the important elements of information. Readers may also be discouraged by this kind of writing style. Over usage of capital words and the insertion of so-called cool words also tends to pose barriers in the comprehension of correct information. Silly references have to be avoided and solid facts must be presented that can interest the press about the details of an event.

The press releases should not be sent to those newsrooms that do not deal with your subject matter. Every day, people get millions of emails from numerous sources and they do not have time to go through each one of them. This is another reason why a press release should stand out from the rest. Not telling the truth and projecting overconfidence is another mistake that people commit. This results in unprofessionalism and people get disappointed when they find out the reality.

All those who write a press release about their upcoming event must be overly critical about all the details of their project. Newsworthy angles which people care about must be identified and people should make an impact on the social media platforms by generating substantial press releases. A successful press release is focused on a specific topic and the main objective is to make the whole thing really interesting for people. In case you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

Below is a sample of a press release example for an event.

Logo of the company

Name of the company

Address of the company

Website of the company

For immediate release


For more information,

Contact the following;

Name of the contact,

Job title of the contact,

Address of the contact

Online mailing address of the contact

Marfa Film Festivals, Inc. kicks off a Fundraiser for The Autism Group

[Colorado], – Marfa Film Festivals has officially launched due registration and fundraising for ‘A Fundraiser for The Autism Group.’ The Fundraiser will be presented by Diamond Group of Insurances, will be held on APRIL 15TH, 2020 in The Colorado Stadium. The 2020 chairs, sponsors, and influencers of the event are as follows: Mark Johnson, Betty George, Diamond Group of Insurances, Coastal Living, Inc., Arc De Triomphe, along with other sponsors. The influencers that will be present in the event will include James Charles, Jimmy Choo, Roberta De Niro among other people.

April is considered the national autism awareness month and various fundraisers are organized to help people become aware of the inclusion, acceptance, appreciation, and encouragement of autistic children. People should be able to learn about the early signs of autism in a child.

After the fund-raiser, discounted vouchers for specific courses on the awareness of autism will be distributed among the participants. Various stories will also be shared on social media which would provoke businesses all around the world to help autistic children.

To raise funds for a child in need or for a family who has to be sponsored, the following activities in the fundraising department will be included:

-Bake sale: In this fundraising activity, baked goods such as doughnuts, cookies, cakes, pastries, and cupcakes will be sold. Some ethnic-based goods will also be presented in front of the guests and families of autistic children.

-Cooking competition: The aim of this competition is to discover new and unique culinary trends amongst the families of autistic children. Autistic children will be able to make use of their skills and expertise. This will also lead to an excellent learning environment.

Looking forward to your esteemed presence!


Notes to editors: The Good Hearts Bakery will be open with effect from September 1st, 2020 every Monday and Friday.

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