Example of Common Sentence Structure Types used in Essays

Common Sentence Structure Used in Essays

A good essay does not only consist of good content, authentic information, and arguments, but also good grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and good presentation of ideas. The essay should reflect the methodical and logical representation of thoughts. While writing essays it is essential to be attentive towards technical aspects of writing, which is paying attention to the structure of a sentence. Haphazardly thought-out sentences do not produce desired impressions on the audience. Avoid using sentence fragments; they interrupt the flow of essays and do not reflect well; instead use commas, semi-colons, and colons. Long sentences should be handled properly otherwise it leads to vague expression and trouble in conception. Active voice is preferred over passive voice as it increases clarity, directness, and cohesion. Sentences deliver the structure for written expression of our ideas. A proper sentence should always be initiated with a capital letter, expression of a complete idea, contains a verb that ends with an exclamation mark, a full stop or it may be a question mark. The sentence is correctly punctuated and can stand alone by making proper sense. Read the sentences out loud, to check if they are complete and provide complete thought. Sentences consist of clauses; which are a collection of words expressing a single idea.

Distinct sentences such as imperative sentence, declarative sentence, exclamatory sentence, interrogatory sentence are used in online essay writing. Imperative sentences and exclamatory sentences are rarely used and interrogative sentences are used in the rhetorical format. Short sentences and linking the consequent sentences with transitional words explains the matter clearly to the reader. Any type of essay needs a proper sentence structure and a meaning should be very clear while delivering any information. Therefore, a sentence structure is highly important for the writer to understand.

Most of the websites are offering to write my essay for me services but understanding the most common type of sentences you can become a good writer. Most sentences that tell something or provide knowledge that makes a statement either positive or negative are declarative sentences. An Imperative sentence gives instruction or command to do something, it can be positive or negative and refer to present or future time. An Interrogative sentence is asking a question, requests information, and requires an answer. An Exclamatory sentence expresses an opinion or strong feelings and makes exclamation marks to show emotions.

Types of Sentences

Writing in complete sentences is essential and using a variety of sentences is also very important. A variety of sentences delivers complete knowledge and information regarding a topic. Different sentences used in the writing also attracts the audience and their attention is diverted towards the essay. Sentences are a compound of clauses, clauses have two types, dependent and independent clauses. To fulfill the meaning of a dependent clause and an independent clause is needed. However, independent clauses can stand alone and give complete meaning. These two types of clauses combine to make different sentences. There are different types of sentences which are mentioned below:

  • Compound sentences
  • Compound-Complex sentences
  • Simple sentences
  • Complex sentences

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Compound Sentences

Two or more simple statements having closely related content join to make this kind of a sentence. Two independent clauses in a compound sentence are combined by semicolon or conjunction and it does not have a dependent clause. Simple sentences can also be joined with commas and words like and, but, yet. Compound sentences attract readers because these are clear in their meaning. Therefore, a detailed descriptive and expository essay should have compound sentences.

Simple Sentences

It consists of a single independent clause, and it can stand alone. But it doesn't need to be always a short and basic structure sentence. Sometimes it has a compound subject and compound predicate. At the end of a sentence, it has only one punctuation mark, it may be a question mark, exclamation mark, or full stop. Simple sentences are easy to understand because they represent a single meaning regarding a topic.

Complex-Compound Sentences:

Compound-complex sentences are quite complicated sentence types. They help in the expression of longer complicated thoughts and telling a long chain of events. Different simple and compound sentences are combined to make a complex compound sentence. As different types of sentences combine to make a complex-compound sentence therefore, they are complicated and have many events to explain its meaning. Rules of complex sentences and compound sentences are easily applicable to form complex-compound sentences. Complex-compound sentences are sometimes not easy to understand however, the writer needs to explain its meaning in a very clear and distinct tone using different simple sentences joined and combined by commas, colons, and words such as and, however, and yet. Example: "She does not like cartoons because they are garish, dazzling so she doesn't like to watch them".

Complex sentences

A dependent clause combines with an independent clause to make a complex sentence. If in the formation of a complex sentence, the dependent clause is first, then it will be separated with a comma, from the independent clause. If a sentence starts with an independent clause it is not separated with a comma. The placement of the dependent clause varies for the prominence of the important part of a sentence. Some related words to start a dependent clause are: although, even though, if, because, as, instead, whenever, when, though, while, where. To complete the idea and meaning of a complex sentence, more than one dependent clause is also used in a sentence. Example: "Even though he was ill, he failed to manage to reach his office on time”.

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