Examples & Writing Tips for Narrative Essays

Students usually get different assignments when they are in college. The most important of them is a custom essay. There are different types of essays. Here, we will discuss the narrative type of essay. Read this article and examples to get a detailed understanding of the right concept and format structure.

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A narrative college essay is more like painting a picture like words. It is one of the vast common types of essays that are written and given to students for evaluation. While writing a narrative essay, make sure you are incorporating the required details, resources are cited and a general structure of the essay is followed. The following are the two narrative essay examples that can help an essay writer know all about a narrative essay. All you have to do is to pay for essay and get different samples.

Aspects of global warming


Global warming is defined as the increase in temperature of the globe over the course of time. It is more like an environmental issue that is given due significance not only in the living section but a large population of non-living beings are also affected by global warming. It is a collective issue that comprises careless human behavior, lack of check, and balance on human activities, irregular pattern of climatic changes, and threatening future of the animal population. Global warming is a global threat that has played a crucial role in diverting the attention of environmental scientists to think about environmentally friendly codes so as to save the ecosystem.


Global warming is a change in the intensity of the sunlight and the amount of heat that is captured on the planet. There are a number of aspects of global warming taking into account that each aspect can have long term negative impacts. Greenhouse gases have increased the ratio of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that has increased the temperature of the earth. Increased volcanic eruptions have increased the release of carbon dioxide and ash in the atmosphere. Methane that is released because of global warming has affected agricultural production

The human approach is also one of the major aspects of global warming. As a result of the careless attitude of human beings such as increased production of refrigerators and air conditioners has increased the ratio of chlorofluorocarbon. It is directly affecting the ozone layer and the ability of the layer to control the gaseous exchange in the atmosphere or the entrance of Ultraviolet radiation is no longer regulated. Due to the increased industrial revolution, more attention is given to human welfare and human safety rather than thinking about the impact the machines and the industries can have on human beings. It is one of the reasons that industrial waste is thrown without any treatment, there is no attention given to the spilling of waste in oceans

Animal and plant life is also affected by global warming and it is one of the critical aspects of global warming. It is observed that due to increased pollution, a lot of animal species are dead or at the threshold of becoming extinct. A number of species of animals are not able to survive because they are not getting the required environment in the same way, global warming has a disastrous impact on green plants as well. Not only plant species are becoming extinct but they are becoming more poisonous. In addition to the self-centered role of the ecosystem, it is observed that the ability of plants to regulate gaseous exchange within the ecosystem has been greatly impacted. Thus, the earth's temperature has increased at a great level as compared to the past.


Global warming is one of the grave issues of the world. Thinking about the future of global warming, it is observed that future insights are crucial to the evaluation of the aspects of global warming. Although human beings have managed to adjust to the effects of global warming in the present time, for the future, it is risked that humans will be badly impacted. So, there is a dire need to come up with a utilitarian approach toward the ecosystem.

Glass Ceiling Effect and how it impacts women

The glass ceiling refers to the invisible barrier that is more of a psychological and physical impression imposed on women. It prevents the women and the other minorities to rise to their peak and make up the mark. The essence of using the term communicates that for every woman, there is a glass ceiling, that is transparent and a woman can see her goals clearly from the glass. The concept of a glass ceiling is no doubt a new one, but the prevalence can be dated back to the evolution of human beings. It is more like a resistance to the approach of women to make up a mark in their life. Glass ceiling is impacting women in both positive and negative ways.

Considering the status of women in the world, it is found that women have always been treated other than men and it is the major reason that a lot of talented women are buried without any recognition. The concept of the glass ceiling is more like a realization that helps women understand that there is a boundary but they can go beyond that boundary. It is observed that a lot of women in the world fail to conquer their field of expertise because of the impression of the glass ceiling. It is because women have this set mentality that because of the glass ceiling they will not be given the chance to move ahead in their life and they don’t try.

On the other hand, there is a type of population, for whom the realization of the glass ceiling is a motivation. There are a lot of women who are taught about the glass ceiling as an obstacle and they are encouraged to move beyond that glass ceiling because it is required of their role. For such women, the glass ceiling tends to motivate them in achieving their goals because they can see their destinations waving to them through the glass

Evaluating the two paradigms or the school of thought that are associated with the glass ceiling, it is highlighted that the concept of the glass ceiling is impacting both ways. There is a dire need to think about the ways that can help women observe the positive side of the glass ceiling and realize their obligation. Thus, the glass ceiling is an impression that needs to be clarified and identified because negative connotations are doing more harm than good.

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