Examples on how to add Arguments within a Debate

Debate and argument move parallel to each other because a college essay or debate is incomplete without proper argument and the basis of the argument is deep-rooted in debates. There are a number of ways by which it can be illustrated that debate is part of an argument. Rather than it would not be wrong to say that debate is incomplete without an argument. Before writing a debate, make sure that each paragraph has a debate and a logic and an argument can be added to the paragraph in which there is a logic.

I am going to share debate examples that can help an essay writer know how to add arguments in the debate.

“Poverty is the root cause of all evils”

Poverty is defined as the lack of resources that are needed to run a living. It is also defined as an approach of a human being towards the living standards because if an individual is unable to fulfill the luxurious resources of life then it will not be called poverty but if an individual is unable to fulfill the basic necessities of life then it will be called poverty. It would not be wrong to say that poverty is an issue but NOT the root cause of all evils. There are several logical reasons for this fact, ranging from a historical point of view to date.

Firstly, poverty deprives an individual of the resources to live not from the will. When someone is poor then, it never means that he is a criminal and he is looking for something that can help him earn a living from the inappropriate ways. If he would be looking for the same ways then he might not be poor because he would have done it earlier and it is not a big deal. So, the basic issue of morality is addressed in one of the most common and significant logics that poverty never disrupts society.

If one step ahead is taken, it can be observed that there are a lot of people who belong to the white-collar social status and they are the ones who have all the resources of life still they try to harm the poor, they do corruption and they can reach any limit to get their desires fulfilled. It is one of the bleakest realities of the time and an issue that people face nowadays.

If we think about other social issues such as rape and moral deterioration. It is evident that an individual will not try to commit rape and other immoral activity because he knows that he doesn’t have the resources to bribe the one who is going to arrest him. It is also a human dilemma that when he has money he is able to do anything and the lust for a better life standard always dominates the lust to satisfy harassment appeals. So, it clearly asserts that the individual who is poor cannot go for the things that can cause any kind of disturbance in the society

In a broader way, it is evident that someone who is not rich will not bribe someone because he will not have enough money. Here, it is important to note that stealing and abuse are not the only few things that can lead to a social imbalance in society. Rather, there are dominating and other critical factors that ultimately lead to disruption in society and it can be done only by the people who are well learned about these issues and have the capacity to defend themselves.

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“To be or not to be” is the question

Shakespeare once said, “To be or not to be” in a play. Critically, it was not just a dialogue but it is the modest and the personal approach that an individual has towards life. I strongly assert that to be and not to be is the question because where there is a will, there is a way. When you have life, you have chances, when you have chores you have confidence and it is what makes the work keep going.

If a historical look is taken, all the great wars and other great incidents happened because there was someone, a mastermind who was willing to get it done. It is evident that no matter how much loss an incident caused, it was the product of the mindset that led to the initiatives and someone was pushed to think about it. In the same way, if we would quote the example of a human being, it is obvious that if a man will not move from one step to another, no one can ask him to do so. The exceptions are always there but it is important to have a motivation that will be accepted as per the will of an individual

To be or not to be is the question because it is the man who is the stakeholder to all the innovations and inventions that are done so far. If an individual will not work hard or try to do anything that there are excuses that might stop him, and it is obvious that if a man would not have tried to, there might not be any evolution or improvement in the conditions of the world and man would have been living the life of the cavemen. All these assertions critically assert that it is the human will that makes all the difference and it is the motivation that makes all the differences.

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