Exercises to help you practice academic writing conventions

Writing and developing content in English is different, compared to other languages. Every document we write and each script we make is different in scope and spirit. Academic writing in English is completely different and it makes use of academic writing conventions to illustrate each aspect in the writing. Many students in their early years are made to practice these writing conventions. But in the later years of their academic career, they get confused in using these academic writing conventions. If an essay writer is facing such difficulty or you consider using these academic writing conventions a daunting task, these exercises can help him practice academic writing conventions.

Restrict your run-on sentences

A run-on sentence is when you rush toward completing a sentence while making incomplete expressions. A run-on sentence creates difficulty in grasping the essence of the reading and makes a reader feel uncomfortable. Many students make such mistakes, as they are not trained to avoid writing the run-on sentences. In academic writing, such a sentence is completely prohibited. It makes the text look imperfect and unable to read. If you face such a problem, start practicing writing the short sentences. It makes the sentence clear and helps each person to easily understand the spirit of writing.

Practice the grammar rules

While writing English sentences, many students make grammar-related errors. These are not suggestive at any cost and therefore, it can ruin your effort for writing a complete and easy to read the sentence. If you are facing such a problem, first understand the English grammar rules. These are important and a bit difficult to understand. There are different writing exercises or a college essay easily available on the web, that can help you understand the grammar rules. When you have enough grip on the English grammar rules, you can start creating content flawlessly. This is what many students need to understand that writing English is not just a mere simple exercise; rather, it requires patience and stronghold over English grammar.

Practice writing short sentences

It is natural that whenever you will write a lengthy sentence, it will have slip-ups and errors that you must have avoided. One of the biggest flaws among students is their inability to practice writing short sentences. For example, for meeting the word count, many students write lengthy sentences. These lengthy and broad sentences include each type of English writing mistakes like you may use the wrong tense, you can make spelling mistakes and even you can repeat things. So, if you practice writing short sentences, it can help you avoid the many different kinds of writing mistakes.

Make the spell check

When we complete content or are done with developing it, we need to revise it thoroughly. A thorough revision helps you have a better understanding of the content you have developed. Adding to this, a thorough revision helps you understand the different spelling mistakes you have made in the paragraphs. Spell check it thoroughly and see whether there are any other writing conventions errors or not? The spell check is your opportunity to revise each aspect of the paragraph thoroughly and make it look more presentable and comprehensible. Often the students make a spell check at the end, but you should try to spell check the document, as soon as you complete a part of it.

Avoid emotive expressions

In academic writing, a simple expression is more appreciating compared to if one uses emotive or confusing expressions. When writing content in an academic style of writing, we consider ourselves compelled to use emotive expressions to make our sentences look logical and reasonable. Using these emotive expressions can be a difficult task, as each one of us does not have a grip over locating them rightly in the text. Similarly, if you face such an issue avoid making use of emotive expressions, or if it becomes compulsory to use such a language, read the text meticulously and locate the emotive expression rightly.

Use of first and second-person pronouns

The use of first and second-person pronouns is also a difficult task. Sometimes the English content development is not about making the use of first and second-person pronouns, but still, students make use of such language. The only reason for this is the lack of practicing skills. The end result of using such articulation is a wrong sentence structure, so if you are confused about such English language attributes, you need to practice them a lot. When you think you have been able to understand these writing conventions fully, you can start developing the content. Don’t do this all in a hurry or in a rush, as doing this will not benefit you in any way.

These are some of the areas of academic writing conventions that one needs to practice at each cost. Often students pay a little heed to practice such academic conventions of writing and therefore they end up in developing content that makes a little sense. You need to keep this in mind that unless you do not have a grip on the writing conventions you cannot be able to develop content fully. In doing this, it is suggestive that you should practice these academic writing conventions fully so that you can have a grip on English writing. Practicing English writing is not a difficult task, rather it takes a little effort to have a grip on English writing. Lastly, you can also hire an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

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