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You have been assigned to write a compare and contrast essay while struggling with how to start an essay?

It’s a fact that students are assigned to different types of essays throughout their academic years. Students need to be very attentive before writing an essay because if they will be unable to grab the reader’s attention, then the article is just worthless for them.

Every writer is used to the fact that before writing an essay, they must craft an impactful outline that could provide essay help to save one’s time. Also, it gives the writer a direction about the relevancy of the information.

Why is it necessary to outline?

An outline is the very first practical step after choosing the topic for your compare and contrast essay. Choosing a theme is always challenging because you need the one you can manage throughout your essay.

If the writer chooses the topic that he or she can’t manage, then it is good to brainstorm your ideas first just to know what you are going to explore actually.

After that, you will be designing an outline that is indeed an essential part of your overall essay. You will make an impactful outline to get the idea of what they are going to have in your article.

With the help of an outline, you are going to put your ideas in an organized form. In this article, you will be guided by the compare and contrast essay outline to know how to make it for your eventual essay. For your information, there are three categories of the framework used in this particular type of essay. You will select anyone the method for your piece that closely matches the ideas you brainstormed.

Point-by-point Outline

It refers to the method where you will compare and contrast various aspects of the same object, place, or person—for example, Pepsi vs. Coke.

You will be mentioning that you are about to compare and contrast Pepsi and coke in your introduction. Let’s have a look at its outline that will help you process your write my paper request in no time.

Main topic: Pepsi vs. Coke comparison

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body paragraph #1: The cost of soft drinks

    Mention whose price is higher and lower and why? (For each, don’t forget to put statistics or any pieces of evidence)

  3. Main body paragraph #2: Preferences of people

    Mention that how people are consuming irrespective of the prices (For each, don’t forget to put statistics or any pieces of evidence)

  4. Main body paragraph #3: how the profits coming from both are influencing the economy

    Mention how the benefits arising are increasing the economy’s well-being and also deteriorating with the fewer advantages (For each, don’t forget to put statistics or any pieces of evidence)

  5. Conclusion

    It is how the point-by-point method will look - now heading towards the other two.

Block method outline

It refers to the method where the writer sticks with the ultimate structure of the process by comparing and contrasting different objects, people, or places.

You will be stating the first object in the first paragraph and then comparing it in that paragraph. Then the writer will proceed with the second paragraph by comparing and contrasting the second object, and so on.

Let’s have a look at how this particular outline will be made.

Main topic: Cats and dogs as an ESA

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body paragraph #1: Cats

    Discuss the characteristics of cats only.

    How do cats respond to their owner?

    What is required to make your cat an ESA?

  3. Main body paragraph #2: Dogs

    Discuss the characteristics of dogs only.

    How do dogs respond to their owner?

    What is required to make your dog an ESA?

  4. Conclusion

    You will have a bright idea of both of the above outlines. Now let's have a look at the last one.

Venn diagram

It refers to the method that is good for all the possible collections of logical relations between a finite set of selections. This method is highly useful in visualizing the actual content of one’s essay.

Main topic: Cats and dogs as an ESA

Here you will be drawing two circles while having an intersection point. You will then add the similarities in the portion where two circles were intersecting, whereas stating the differences in the independent parts of the rings.

Venn Diagram

It is how the different categories of outline in the compare and contrast essay will look like. You will choose a method that will be suitable for your upcoming analysis. Sometimes the instructor itself mentions the process to be placed, and also it is up to you when the instructor hasn't mentioned any such requirement.

A pro-tip: Your outline will always consist of three significant central portions, and that will be;

  • An introduction: this is where you will summarize how your particular topic emerged over time. With that, you will also provide why you chose any specific matter and its relevance as well.
  • Main body paragraphs: your body paragraphs will be an essential part of your overall essay. Here you will put down the arguments along with individual pieces of evidence to validate your reasoning. You can also ask others to write essay for me to get it done now.
  • Conclusion: here, you will be restating the points as mentioned above to give your readers a short analysis of your overall essay. Remember, try to make an impressive conclusion as this is going to be the final step to make your audience happy and energetic.

This guide will help you write a perfect essay. If you still need help, pay for essay now.

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