Five Paragraph Essay Writing Techniques with Examples - Guide

The five-paragraph is the most common type of academic essay. If you are a student you must have given a task to write a five-paragraph essay. You have to follow a proper structure of the essay to divide your essay into five paragraphs. Five paragraph essay usually does not take much time; it gets done faster and efficiently. You should memorize the structure of the essay so that you don’t mess it up. Most students do not follow the proper structure rather divide their essay into five paragraphs randomly. This is wrong and it does not make any sense to your essay. You have to follow the requirements of your essay to be able to get high scores. Each paragraph has its own requirements that must be followed by the essay writer to write an impressive essay.

You can use various formatting styles for different types of academic writings. To begin with, your essay you have to decide what type of essay you are going to write. There are different types of academic essays like a persuasive essay, argumentative essay, analytical essay, critical essay, descriptive essay, narrative essay, and others. You need to identify the type of the essay and its requirements first to be able to write efficiently. Once you know the type of your essay you have to choose an appropriate prompt for your essay. Students often don’t take it seriously but the selection of a right is really important for the construction of an essay. If you know how to write an essay you will be able to write any type of essay on any topic. You have to understand the basic requirements and structure of the essay to write an outstanding five-paragraph essay.

Techniques to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay

  1. 1. Choose an appropriate Subject

    First of all, you have to choose an appropriate subject to write an essay. It is very important to select the topic carefully. Students often get stuck in the middle of the essay because they run out of content or they find the topic too difficult to write about it. Make sure that you chose an easy topic that would not create any trouble for you.

  2. 2. Conduct Research

    Once you have chosen your subject now you should go ahead and start researching it. You grab a rough idea by collecting information related to your topic. You need to have a deep understanding of your topic to be able to write an essay smoothly. You gotta divide your essay into various sections to add required information in each part.

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  3. 3. Draw an Outline

    This is an important technique that helps you create an outstanding essay for your course. Most students skip this part because they think it is of no use but in actual drawing, an outline helps you write an entire essay without any problem. You should know what information you are going to add in what section. It helps you meet the requirements of each section. There are three main sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. There must be three paragraphs for the body and one for the introduction and conclusion each. You should follow the structure of the essay according to the type of essay you may be writing. Although almost all academic essays have the same structure it is better to get it checked instead of doing it incorrectly.

  4. 4. Revise/Edit/Proofread your Essay

    Once you have written your essay you should read it thoroughly to find mistakes in your essay. If you find mistakes, do correct them and also get them to proofread or checked by someone else too because someone else can point out mistakes better. It is better to get professional help or use any application that identifies grammatical mistakes and correct them itself. It is better to recheck your essay before submission.

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