Follow these Brainstorming techniques to make an Outstanding Essay

Are you planning to write an effective essay to get high scores in your class? There could be many ways to write an essay but you have to put an extra effort if you want to write an outstanding essay. Every student wants to write an essay that gets the attention and appraisal of the teacher. Essay writing is not a difficult task; you can easily learn the tips and techniques to get high scores. You don’t have to fret and get anxious about how to improve your writing skills. You can not learn everything overnight so you need to have patience. Patience is a virtue. You gotta take little steps to finally achieve your goals. Learning is a slow process and you have to understand the fact that you can jump right up to complex things without developing an understanding of basic things.

Conducting a brainstorming session before writing an essay is an effective way of improving your writing skills, polishing your ideas and improving the quality of the content. I know it may sound like a time-consuming task but it barely takes half an hour. Brainstorming is an efficient activity to generate new ideas and solutions to various problems. You can conduct this activity before writing to get plenty of ideas about the topic.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to perform brainstorming I will share brainstorming techniques with you to construct an outstanding essay. It can be performed in the form of groups and even you can do it on your own. Brainstorming sessions are considered very impactful and effective to find a solution or make any decision. Make sure you are relaxed and fresh before you conduct a session to generate new and amazing ideas.

Here are a few techniques that will help you conduct an effective session of brainstorming or you can always ask others to write my essay.

Techniques of Brainstorming

  • 1. Brainwriting

    This is a nonverbal technique that is used to generate unique ideas regarding the topic. Everyone has to think of three ideas related to the topic. Six minutes are allocated for this activity so you have to think of three ideas within six minutes. It speeds up the process of thought and you come up with various ideas. Then everyone passes their ideas to the person sitting beside them, then they have to build bullet points on a piece of paper and hand the paper to them. The process continues until the paper makes a way around the table. Group discusses the ideas and decides which ideas they should pursue.

  • 2. Rapid ideation

    Rapid ideation is another technique of brainstorming in which a group of people write down as many ideas as possible in the allocated span of time before the ideas are being discussed, analyzed, critiqued and fleshed out. For this technique, you have to set a time for each activity and have to follow it strictly to be able to get desired results out of the rapid ideation.

  • 3. Figure Storming

    In this brainstorming technique, you have to pick a well-known figure from the group who is not present in the room, it could be the manager, CEO or the boss or even a fictional character or even a public figure. Once you have decided on the figure now you have to discuss how this person would approach the particular problem or an idea that is being discussed. It seems like a silly way but it works when we put someone else in our shoes and change the way we think. It makes us think out of the box because we have to think on the behalf of someone else. It helps us come up with really great and innovative ideas.

  • 4. Mindmapping

    Mind mapping is one of the most common and frequently used techniques. Sometimes the first we share is not the best idea but it sparks three better ideas that emerge from it. This process of generating ideas from the idea is known as mind mapping. In this sort of technique, an idea is presented and then connects sub-ideas with the first idea. It is a visual approach that is used in brainstorming which can be helpful to find new and innovative ideas related to the topic. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

    There is a rule that you have to remember while conducting a brainstorming session “No idea is silly or dumb” . You gotta write each and every idea that comes in your head at that moment to get the most out of the brainstorming session.

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