Got an essay to write on your shoulders? Are you also facing a writer’s block at the wrong time? Some tips on effectively building and designing your essay might help you brainstorm. Let’s begin step by step with some guidelines on constructing a quality college essay.

Picking a topic

The first step towards writing a draft is picking a topic. At times you are already assigned a topic, in that case, you just need to do some research around the topic and decide if you are going to write an informative essay or a persuasive one. If you opt for an informative essay, make sure it’s a topic you have already studied so you can provide your readers with factual information.

In case you opt to write for a persuasive essay, remember to build a strong argument and reasoning, and present logical opinions to support what you are presenting. If you are not assigned a topic, your choices just get wider and your research more thorough. If you are writing on a topic of your own choice, what you need to do is choose a topic that genuinely interests you. That way, you will be more involved in writing your essay, will enjoy it more and it will certainly turn out way better.

Creating a mind map

If you jot down all your ideas in an organized pattern, it would help you in writing the essay smoothly once you began writing it. Pen down all your ideas, opinions, and facts that you have collected during your research on a piece of paper and make a sketch of where you are going to put which idea. This way, you will start your actual draft with a much clearer head and will be able to write it more smoothly and aptly.

The attention-grabbing part of the essay: The Thesis Statement

The most impressive part of the essay is the thesis statement. It could engage the writers in reading more of it or bore them into not going further at all. You shall activate your wit, imagination, and creativity while thinking of a thesis statement. It contains the main idea of your essay and gives the reader a perspective on what to expect from the essay. Keep the tone of your thesis statement engaging and attention-grabbing, so much so that it attracts the attention of the readers instantly and make them want to know what you have got to say next. A good thesis statement will get the pace of the essay going.

Vocabulary; a less talked about but important element

While we forget to focus on the vocabulary, wording, and expression, it’s a very important element of any piece of writing. Using good vocabulary can shift the whole dynamic of your writing and make it way more interesting and fun to read and leave a very good impression on the reader’s mind.

Writing expressions should be lively, fresh, and polite. And the repetition of one word over and over again can just make the readers bizarre and take their focus totally off of your writing. Instead of repeating words, use an online thesaurus to find synonyms of the words and their usage. In this manner, an essay writer will be able to showcase his ideas way more effectively. Try to use the written idioms and metaphors to support your ideas. Using good transitions is also a very important part of efficient writing.

Checking spelling and grammar

Keeping a check on your grammatical and spelling mistakes is also a significant rule. An essay with lots of grammatical and spelling mistakes can be a huge put off for a reader and will most definitely stop them from reading any further. There is software online for checking spelling and grammar online, make sure you use one of those if you don’t hold a firm grasp over the grammar. In any case, you must rectify the mistakes before you finalize your essay.

Keeping away from plagiarism

Try not to copy material from the internet and pen down your ideas in your own way and your own words as plagiarism leave a very bad impression. The task that you are assigned to perform on your own demands you to express your own opinions and your efforts in your own words rather than copying them from the internet. In case you find a piece of writing from the internet that is highly relevant to your idea or your topic, you can quote it with quotation marks or paraphrase it. But you must take care that you don’t overdo it.

Body paragraphs

Your essay might consist of 3 to 5 body paragraphs, in each paragraph you present a different idea according to your format of the essay. Use versatile transitions and avoid repetition of any ideas and words.

The first line of each paragraph is a thesis statement of that paragraph. It is supposed to be written on the same guidelines as that of a thesis statement of an essay, as elaborated above.

The conclusion

In your conclusion, you are supposed to summarize the whole essay and present a gist of it to your reader. According to the format of your essay, if it requires you to give preference to an opinion or a fact, you are supposed to do that with enough evidence and logic. Paint the whole picture and the gist of your essay in the conclusion.

Does reading all these guidelines make you feel like essay writing is such a “job”?

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