Formatting Guide for a College Application Essay

College essay is one of the forms of formal or academic writing that is done to either secure a position or it is the part of the job that is to be done to ensure that a student has completed all the requirements and has required skills that can help them be eligible for the institution. While writing an application essay, it is important and crucial to work on a college application essay format. It is one of the crucial steps because anything is seen before it is evaluated so it is important to learn all those ideas and hacks that can help you make your essay look more professional and formal. Following are those hacks:

  1. 1- Following the writing format

    One of the important tasks that are to be done is to ensure that you have designed or written your essay with respect to the design that is suggested. It can either be MLA, AMA, APA, or Harvard. It means that you need to make the title page, a separate template, and then make references and citations as required. If you will follow the format only then you will be able to attract the attention of the readers. After that, you should choose the standards format, i.e. 12 Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins on all sides. You should maintain the spacing to double in your essay as it is the format that is used worldwide. As exceptions are always there, so there are some institutions in which Arial is chosen. In terms of formatting the heading, you should “Bold” all the headings. In some of the institutions, students are asked to keep headings at 14 sizes so that they can stand out in the other essay. If there will be exceptions other than standard, it will be clearly mentioned in the instructions.

  2. 2- Thesis statement

    When you are writing your essay, it is important to write the thesis statement. It is one of the most important obligations to be followed. The thesis statement has marks and it should be written to ensure that an essay writer has an actual command on the content and knows what he is about to write in the essay. It will be better if you will highlight the thesis statement because it will be easy for your evaluator to identify it in the essay. One of the important points that you should know is, your thesis statement should follow the same flow as that of your essay.

  3. 3- Make multiple paragraphs

    It is important to make multiple paragraphs rather than writing without paragraphs. If you will make multiple paragraphs then your essay will look more beautiful. While writing an essay make sure that each of the paragraphs discusses a single idea. None of the paragraphs should discuss more than one idea because it will reduce the coherence in the paragraphs. If you are writing an essay that is more than 3 pages long then you should discuss two ideas in a single paragraph in such a way that the two ideas must be interlinked in some way. It is what occurs in the case of the worst essays, as teachers don't give marks to students because they cannot understand the underlying context of the essay. It is not only a significant issue rather it is a mistake that needs to be avoided. All the essays should follow a chronological order or the paragraphs should be quoted in a systematic manner.

  4. 4- Making headings

    In general, an essay comprises three headings only. The headings should be “introduction” “discussion” and “conclusion”. If you are given the task to write an application essay in the form of a research paper and it exceeds the length of a normal essay i.e. 3-4 pages then you can add multiple heading and each of them should be related to the actual content of the essay. It will help your instructor or the evaluator know what you are writing and what are the major points that you are going to discuss in your essay. Don’t mess your document with multiple headings, rather try to sum up all the related points in a single heading. It will add to the manner of conciseness in your essay.

  5. 5- Citations and references

    It is important to be very careful about citations and references. Citations refer to the shortened reference that is added to the text. It is meant to avoid plagiarism and support the evidence of the material that is quoted. A good essay should have all the quotations and the direct material cited because it is one of the best ways that can add weightage to the essay. In the end, you have to add all the references to all the sources that you have used in your essay because it is an obligation to be fulfilled when you are writing an essay. One of the important points that you need to remember is, you should add a rephrased quotation rather than direct copy and pasting. It is one of the attributes of a good essay and a necessity that a writer should fulfill. Lastly, you can also hire an essay writing service to cite your sources perfectly.

  6. 6- Making the required changes when you run through Grammarly

    In the next step, you are required to follow the changes that are suggested by the word document. It will help you follow the standard design of typing and the order that is meant to be followed. Using Grammarly will help you align your information as per communication standards such as, following 7Cs of communication.

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