Formatting your essay in MS Word - A guide to important commands and functions you'll need

Functions and Commands Used to Write an Essay

Arrangement of words to express and describe an idea with the help of facts and statements is required to write an outstanding essay. The length of the essay may vary but it has three basic parts. First is the introduction part, where the topic and main theme are stated. A thesis statement is also mentioned in the introduction. The thesis statement contains the main idea of the topic. An introduction must be interesting and eye-catching. The second part consists of the body of the essay, it includes all the main information about the topic. It explains the topic with all essential details and examples to support the main idea. The third part is the conclusion of the essay, it provides a summary of the topic in altered words. All of these parts need a highly important section of the essay that is functions and commands. These commands and functions provide the general idea of the flow of words in the essay. Or you can always ask others to write my essay.



An informative essay is used to provide information about a specific topic. Its main concern is to provide new information about a subject or topic. It assists in mentioning value and reality. It is based on factual and reliable facts. It must not portray the personal opinion of an essay writer and try to convince a reader on a certain point.


The function of this essay is to provide an aesthetic perspective on a topic. It explains the appearance and impression of something. It may be expressive, explanatory, prescriptive, and evocative. An anesthetic essay refers to a general style of anything or anyone.


An expressive essay function is to express personal opinions. It describes the attitude and outlook of a writer towards a particular subject. The writer chooses a specific topic and writes his or her ideas and judgment about it. It also reflects the opinion and personality of a writer. 1st person's speech is usually used in it


The phatic function is used to keep the essay open-ended. It sort of communicates with the reader through words and ideas. It allows the reader to make his or her personal opinion and belief about an already proposed idea. If you still need any help, consult an essay writing service now.


A directive essay is used to provide a specific direction to a reader’s thinking, it is used to influence the attitude of the reader towards a given concept. It is used to emphasize an idea which a writer wants to convey. Its function is to guide, urge, and direct towards the main theme.

To write anything, you need to understand what your teacher is asking you to do. Understanding the essay question and what detail is required in it is highly essential. Understanding the meaning of the terms used in the essay is also essential for instance, the glossary provides you the definitions of words that have been incorporated in the essay. The exact guidance for commands used in the essay is very important for a writer and a student. Getting the wrong understanding of the essay format will lead you to write the wrong essay and you will lose all of your marks

Since there are many commands and that may cross in the essay, however, a few of them are mentioned below in detail.


Command words are words and phrases used to provide direction to the essay. Command words that are mostly used in essays are as under.


This helps to provide a comparison between the causes and effects of a given phenomenon.


It helps in the judgment and evaluation of something. It provides calculation quality or amount of something.


This command requires me to state the given issue. This may extract from the problem's calculations, mechanisms, and reflections.


This word is used to apply one’s particular knowledge and relate it with the information of a given subject.


This is used to solve or correct the given problem by using different possible substitutions.


This is used in describing a subject matter.

Comparison and Contrast:

It is used to describe two different conditions and state dissimilarities and resemblances.


It is used to give a proper, clear, and precise definition of an idea or a word.


It provides a judgment-based evaluation of a phenomenon. It may include causes, disadvantages, consequences, and advantages. Need professional assistance to evaluate? Hire a paper writing service now.


Justification requires the happening of something.


It needs to explain or describe a concept with reasonable and comprehensible arguments.


Outline only needs key features that are associated with the subject matter.


It needs specifics about the achievement or malfunction or any other application it demands.


It explains the purpose of the presence of something. Judgment is a solid necessity for this command word.

Without functions and commands, the essay is incomplete. Essays need phrases, commands, and words to describe the meaning of the topic. The specific type of essay needs specific commands and functions to express its meaning for the understanding of readers. For example, argumentative essays require arguments, commands such as why and how to elaborate its meaning. Similarly, descriptive essays need almost every kind of command and function to portray its image for readers. Therefore, without commands and functions, an essay is not clear, firm, and debatable. The readers rely on the material presented in the essay. Necessary knowledge should be presented using appropriate words, phrases, functions, and commands to express its purpose. Also, the use of convincing words can make your essay persuasive.

Understand the basic knowledge of commands and functions to make your essay more debatable and attractive.

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