Forms of ceremonial speaking used in Special Occasion Speeches

There are different forms of family gatherings and sometimes each requires a ceremonial speech like marriage and funeral. In the case of a marriage speech, the best man and close relatives of the bride and groom give speeches. They share their experience and character of the bride and groom and how they feel about them. In the same way in the case of a funeral, the family members shed light on the good qualities of the deceased. But these are not just random speeches rather people prepare themselves to give such a speech.

In simple words, an essay writer can say that a speech that is delivered on a special occasion is known as occasion speech. For your clarity of ideas, you can also call it a special occasion speech delivered on a specific occasion. Such speeches are also called entertaining speeches that mark the significance of a particular event. The events may include funerals, award ceremonies, bar mitzvahs, political gatherings, and weddings. In most cases, the speaker is a designated person who delivers a speech.

Delivering a speech means conveying a clear message thus eliminating the communication gap and enlightening the public. The type of speech varies a lot depending upon a specific occasion. That is why speeches can be divided into two main categories each containing subcategories inspirational speeches and ceremonial speeches. Goodwill and commencement are two main speeches within inspirational speeches while ceremonial speeches are roasts, eulogies, farewell, roast, dedication, acceptance, and presentation. In this post, I will cover different forms of ceremonial speaking which you can use on a special occasion or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Forms of ceremonial speaking


You can call it the most common form of speech often delivered in formal and informal gatherings. Your friends may ask you to make/deliver a toast at least once in your lifetime. It often happens in surprise and you do not need any training or practice for it. A toast can be delivered for a congratulation, a new job, for honor, or getting married. Its purpose can be to appreciate or to remember someone.


It is a very peculiar speech and is being used for praising someone like giving someone honor. Little humor can also be used like good-naturedly insult. Rosters are given about someone's life achievement usually at the end of a banquet.


If someone is delivering a speech about a person after his death then it is called a eulogy. You should focus on its spellings too. The correct word is 'eulogy' not 'elegy.' Usually, a normal person does not get enough chance to deliver a eulogy only the priest, minister, and rabbi give when a dead person is buried. You need little preparation before giving a eulogy and should know some details about the deceased person.

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The purpose of this speech is to give goodbye to a colleague from an office or company. The speech creates a goodwill gesture for the participants. A person who is leaving the company will know how much his colleagues care about him. College and high school students also get farewell speeches at a farewell party every year.

Dedication speech

The speech is solely dedicated to an occasion when a new company, story, and a branch of business open. It can also be delivered on the occasion of opening a new library. This speech highlights the importance of an event, a project, or a business person. In simple words, a dedication speech is given for special occasions. For example, if a college library is named after a professor then a person would give a dedication speech for that professor.

Acceptance speech

If a person is accepting a position in another company or a prize then he would give an acceptance speech after his joining. This speech may include details about a new company or an award and how much it means to the receiver.

Presentation speech

It is one of the simplest forms of speech which can be delivered on different special occasions. The occasion could be a class presentation or announcing an award for someone else. This speech can only be a few introductory sentences i.e. this year’s recipient of the Wheelman Public Speaking prize is Wilhelmina Jeffers.

Speech to endorse goodwill

You may know that goodwill is an intangible asset for a company or brand. It shows the reputation of a brand or an organization its purpose is to attract more clients and enhance sales. When people trust a specific brand it automatically enhances its goodwill. Companies try to cash it by giving goodwill speeches that is why you can call it a persuasive speech too.

Speech for apology

As its name shows that when someone made a mistake unknowingly or knowingly but now he is embarrassed and wants to apologize then he would give this speech. Mostly, public celebrities or politicians usually give this kind of speech when they commit a mistake. A mistake can be on a personal level or official but in both cases, an apology speech is given to regain the public trust.

Commencement speech

Its purpose is to celebrate an achievement that could be anything like graduation or promotion in a company. Students graduating from high schools and colleges give the commencement speech. Such speech can contain the student’s experience in college and how he handled different challenges during graduation. In this speech, you can also include your future goals and how the respective institution helped you to achieve your goals in the near future.

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