Four different ways you can smoothly organize your literature review

There are many parts of a research-based assignment given to the students. These parts have their relative importance in the completion of the assignment itself. Similarly, these parts perform different functions for the readers and the audience. The introduction section allows readers to know about the basic purpose of the project. The literature review allows them to know what prior research has been conducted relevant to the topic. There are many ways in which a literature review can be assembled. The nature of the study will decide how you will write the literature review. In the following lines, we will discuss some aspects of a literature review and how it can be arranged or you can ask others to write essay for me.

When you start a literature review, you should make three sub-pats of this section, introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction part, you should analyze the relative importance of the topic. The general idea of the topic is presented so that the reader knows the context for the literature review. You have to convince the readers that the chosen topic is important enough for them. The importance can be discussed from a practical or academic perspective. The trends in the research related to the topic can be analyzed. These trends may be used to identify the gap in the research which has been done. There will be some conflicts between various studies concerning methods, conclusions, findings, and limitations. A literature review should include a separate discussion to compare the different studies. These conflicts will provide you with an opportunity to identify the gaps in research and literature. The scope of the literature will be defined by describing why some particular literature is excluded from the review.

The body section of the review will present the themes and trends which are relevant to your topic. Each paragraph should present a different theme so that the reader does not get confused. All the paragraphs should be connected with the help of concepts and joining words. You have to be specific while presenting the literature review. You cannot list down all the sources identified during your literature search.

The last section of the literature review should show the summary of all important points, themes, and trends. The general conclusion of the literature review should be stated. You will have to identify the role of your research within the current state of the research.

In addition to the above method, a literature review can be arranged in the following ways:


This is the most common way of setting up a literature review because it is very easy to adopt. If you have no idea how to write a literature review, you can use this method easily. Most of the scientific research uses this method of setting up the literature review. The researcher will be able to analyze the topics which have been talked about over a long period and the way it has developed. How was the topic defined initially and what changes have taken place over time? If a concept or topic has evolved, this method will be the best for creating a literature review. An example can be given for research that involves financial crises, their reasons, and consequences. The chronological review will work well here because you will analyze the crisis of the 1930s and then 2008-09. Similarly, research about different monetary organizations may also be done in chronological order.

General to particular

This approach allows the essay writer to start the research with a broad topic. Research targeted at the comparison of public and private bank’s performance can be started with the criteria used to analyze banks’ performance. Then the discussion will be directed towards the performance evaluation of public and private banks. This approach is used when there is not much direct research taken place on your topic. You will have to put together many related articles which are much broader. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.

Major models or major theories

This approach is used when there are some major models or theories related to the subject. An example can be given for economics which has some major schools of thought. Keynesians approach the classical approach. In the international trade theory, Ricardo model, comparative and absolute advantage theory may be analyzed by the researchers. The important aspect of this approach is that the differences and similarities of all the approaches have to be discussed. This approach will conclude with how you will add something to the ongoing discussion.

Famous authors

This approach can be adopted in the field of pure literature. You will analyze the work of several famous authors so that you can develop the ground for your study. In the field of finance and particularly discussing the security market line, you can analyze the work of Miller and Modigliani. Analyzing the work of one major writer will increase your knowledge about the topic as well as some other major writers associated with the topic. You can analyze their work as well. A simple method is to look at the references provided by these authors and take help from them.

There are many online writing services that can help you in writing a literature review. These services also provide you with an originality report which shows the percentage of content copied from other sources. Prices charged by these services are very reasonable and you can even get a free outline of your literature review from a paper writing service now.

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