Four Key Types of Plagiarism Essay Writers MUST Know!

When you are assigned to write an essay, you know that you have to consult a number of research articles and papers in order to get to the facts. When you take information from different sources, it is possible that plagiarism is generated due to taken ideas or keywords. Sometimes it can be a deliberate action but many students face issues when they unknowingly plagiarized their essay. So many times, they are not even aware that they are making this mistake. Many educational institutes have a zero-tolerance policy for students who plagiarize other sources. In this way, students who do not know much about it are at loss. This is the reason you should know about the four key types of plagiarism which are considered as a serious offense. This article not only consists of types of plagiarism, but there are some tips that you can follow to avoid these particular types.

  1. 1. Global plagiarism

    One of the most severe types of plagiarism is known as Global plagiarism in which a person takes the whole work composed by someone else and calls it their own. A common example of it is when students are asked to write an essay, they copy it from an internet source and submit it as their own. Also, if you completely copy your friend’s essay or get them to write it, it will be considered as Global plagiarism. This is a deliberate type of plagiarism where one lies about the ownership of an essay.

    The only way to avoid this type of plagiarism is to make sure that whatever you submit is composed by yourself. If you need some help you can take it from a professional essay writer by all means. Another related issue is that sometimes a person submits your essay before you do. The best way to protect your essay from being plagiarized and you taking the blame is that you do not let anyone copy it.

  2. 2. Paraphrasing plagiarism

    You must be familiar with the process of paraphrasing to include the content from different sources into your own essay. It is done in order to minimize plagiarism percentage. There are different ways to paraphrase through which you can change the original content into your own words. However, in this case, many students forget to side the original sources in their essays. They think that only paraphrasing will be enough and they do not need to include the references. But in reality, it is known as paraphrasing plagiarism. It is a common type among the students who are not fully aware of the importance of including references.

    This type of plagiarism is very easy to remove as all you have to do is include the credible sources you are using for your essay. You know the format of including the citations and references. Because incomplete or incorrect citations also contribute to plagiarism. In addition to death in case you are translating some content from a source that is written originally in another language, then you have to cite the original source. If you include a translation without your Source it will still be stealing someone else's idea. If I write my essay I would first check the format for the citations and then create citations as well as references for all of my sources. It is very easy if you do this step when creating your outline.

  3. 3. Verbatim plagiarism

    This is a type of plagiarism in which you take content from one or more sources and include it in your own work without paraphrasing it or even crediting the original author. Do not confuse this type of plagiarism with global plagiarism or paraphrasing plagiarism. You can easily recognize this type of plagiarism if you look at the content and the majority of words, as well as the same structure, are the same as that of the original.

    The first recommendation to avoid this type of plagiarism is to make sure that you do not leave any original content into your essay. Some students develop the habit of first collecting all the information from different sources and then paraphrasing it or using that concept into the essays. This is an easy way but make sure that there is no original content that has not been paraphrased. You can also try to get a non-plagiarized college essay by first reading the original content and then writing it in your own words. And they said that there will be almost no chance of plagiarism in your essay. Make sure that you include all the in-text citations and references at the end of your essay.

  4. 4. osaic plagiarism

    It is a type of plagiarism where students use different sources to get phrases and ideas. Some students think that if they change some words here and there they will be able to escape. However, it is not true because there are numerous softwares which can detect the words which you have plagiarized. This can be removed if you fully paraphrase the content before adding it to your essay.

    Now that you are aware of all the major types of plagiarism make sure that whenever you compose an essay you are careful enough to avoid all of them. After you have completed your essay, get a similarity index report, or a plagiarism report. These reports will show how much of your content matches the other sources. You can make for the changes to minimize the similarity or plagiarism percentage. It is possible that you have used some keywords which cannot be replaced. In that case, change the other words which cause similarity. Rest assured, if you understand the above types and follow the given tips you will be able to avoid major plagiarism with little effort.

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