20 Frequently asked questions college students have when writing their 1st research paper

When writing the research paper for the first, there can be many questions arising in the minds of college students. Writing a research paper involves a number of techniques, requirements, and other compulsory things which may not be outlined in the guideline provided by the college but still are demanded. It is better to learn about that rather than worrying about the grade later or you can ask others to write my essay.


What is considered research?

Research on any topic is known as the investigative process students take in order to learn concepts, mechanisms, and phenomena. Even if an essay writer examines a topic as a college requirement or for your own interest, it is deemed as research.


How to Start a Research Paper without any experience?

Determine how you will solve a research problem and then build a topic that depicts the approach. If you do not have any past experience then first go through the model research paper to get an idea. Start your research paper by building a detailed outline.


What is the aim of conducting research and then writing a research paper?

The aim of conducting research and then writing a paper is to polish your research as well as writing skills. As the research paper demands you to follow a specific writing pattern and high level of research, you learn about the research process adopted in professional organizations.


Is research compulsory at the college level?

Yes. when in college, it is necessary to formal research and then submit the research paper. This is also important when one takes admission to graduate programs.


Where can I learn about research opportunities?

The easiest way of doing it is to visit the website of your college. You can do your research independently and submit it to college or you can take part in on-going college research. You can also interact with other students to learn more about such opportunities offered by other professional organizations. Also, consult your faculty to know if you are aware of any such opportunity. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.


How much information from outside sources can be included?

Even though the majority of the content of your research paper must be based on the ideas, you must use outside sources to build credibility. A good approach is to attribute one-third of the paper to outside sources. Remember to maintain the balance between the information taken from the outside sources and your own ideas.


What is meant by citing a source?

Citing a source is about giving credit to the original author of a source. this is done to avoid plagiarism in the research paper. It includes the name, author name, date of publishing, of the source along with few other details.


What should be the format of my research paper?

The format of the research paper can be decided by your research field. Most of the time, it is recommended by the instructor but if that is not the case then choose the format which is according to the discipline. for instance, for writing a paper on a psychology topic, you must use the APA format ad for engineering, IEEE format is best suited.


How to avoid plagiarism?

You can avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing the information and citing the source and author. Make sure you follow the formatting technique for citing the sources. Even an improper citation can lead to plagiarism. Using synonyms, changing voice, and restructuring the sentences are few ways to paraphrase the content to avoid plagiarism.


Should I quote a source or only paraphrase?

The better of this method is the latter one. You must try to paraphrase the content as much as possible. However, if there is a quote that seems better if included as it is then there is no harm in including it in the quotation form. In both cases, make sure to include the in-text citations as well as the references at the end of the paper.


How to include information from an outside source?

You can take an idea or a few sentences of information from an outside source in order to build your credibility. It is better you only paraphrase from the sources to minimize plagiarism. If you add the quotation then be sure to follow all the formatting requirements for all the sources.


What is annotated bibliography?

It is a list of references for all the sources utilized while composing a research paper or article. It also contains a brief summary of the sources.


What consists of an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography consists of three main parts including the citation, description, and link to the current research. In case you need help with your bibliography, ask a paper writing service to assist you professionally.


Which parts of the research paper are mandatory?

This depends on the instructions of the education institutions. However, some major papers in all types of research papers include an introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.


How do choose a title for the research paper?

This process can be easy or difficult depending on the expectations of your instructor. The best approach is to first look for the relevant field to research in. then choose a specific research problem. Choosing the title is the first part of your research.


How long should a research paper be?

It totally depends on the research problem. It is suggested to keep it concise but clear. Usually, it is composed of ten pages.


What is the preferred font and font size?

It is better to use comprehensible fonts like Times New Roman and the font size of the simple content should be 12 pts. The headings are different depending on the format.


Which sources to choose from?

The simple answer is ‘credible sources’ you can choose from the research paper, journal articles, newspaper articles, interviews, and books, etc.


What are peer-reviewed articles?

Articles that have been reviewed by a reviewing committee without disclosing the name of the author to them.


How to use the source author’s name?

When using forts time in a research paper, use the full name and then continue with using the last name or full name but not the first name.

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