Get a New Topic for your Upcoming Motivational Speech

The Perks of Motivational Content Plus the Challenges…

Motivational speeches can be particularly exciting because you get a chance to vicariously motivate yourself along with the audience whom you are supposed to address. Public speaking can be the best or the worst thing that happens to an essay writer. If you know what to do and you have taken care of all there is to take care of while talking to your audience, it can bring a lot of confidence and spark an addiction to motivational speeches.

The Dos and Don’ts…

It is very possible that you don’t know the dos and don’ts and you end up feeling like this can never be your cup of tea. This cannot be farther from the truth because anyone can deliver a killer speech only if they have gone off their way to anticipate problems and capitalize on the prospects.

The Likely Problems…

Problems can come with not being aware of the dynamics that our audience has. They can be a completely heterogeneous group or individuals who share core values and opinions. They can be from diverse religious, ethnic, racial, or cultural backgrounds or similar social categories.

The Topic…

The point is that you will never know where you went wrong if you don’t check all the boxes. After getting the most basic things out of the way in the form of a suitable topic that can be safe from any kind of controversy, you can plan what it is that you want to say.

Some Helpful Examples…

Topics can often be hard to come by and you may feel like thinking of a decent one is taking more time than the content itself will. All things considered, this is perfectly alright. You can spend as much time as it requires your topic because it is the most basic thing that you need. A weak topic will only make your speech or college essay weaker as well.

Here is a list of some topics to start you off. Once you read through these, you can have a better idea of motivational speech topics and hopefully, you will be in a much better position to decide upon the most creative and engaging topic that you can find. You don’t have to use the same ones, but a wide variety of ideas can certainly trigger that creative process which sometimes inexplicably leaves you at the time when it is needed the most!

  • Student Loans and the Debt Crisis
  • Strategies to Make Smart Financial Decisions as a Student
  • Entrepreneurship and Independence
  • How to Launch a Successful Start-up Business
  • The Pros and Cons of Micro-financing
  • How financially literate are you?
  • Sustainability and Everyday Life
  • Fast Fashion and its Consequences
  • How to Make Fashion Sustainable?
  • The True Cost of High-end Fashion
  • Smart Dressing and the Impact it Makes
  • Beauty Industry and the Self-esteem Dilemma
  • Women Empowerment and the Glass Ceiling
  • Is the Glass Ceiling Real?
  • Is it Important for Men to be Feminists?
  • Feminism and Myths
  • Race as a Socially Constructed Myth
  • Cultures of Racism and Diversity
  • How to be Peacefully Diverse?
  • The Benefits of a Diverse Society
  • Ethnic Minorities and Self-Actualization
  • The First Nations and Identity
  • Gender and Identity
  • Gender Fluidity
  • Uncertainty and the Reliability of News
  • Data Mining and Privacy
  • Social Networking and Data Privacy
  • The Ethical Status of Data Mining
  • Freedom of Speech and the Social Media
  • Freedom of Speech and Bigotry
  • Cyber-bullying and Cyber-Crime
  • Interfaith Harmony and Dialogue
  • Religious Intolerance
  • Identity Politics and its Aftermaths
  • Academics and Anxiety
  • Risk-taking and Adolescence

Research Always Helps…

Once you have chosen what you want to say, you still need to research and organize your ideas into a coherent whole. Although you don’t need to be very politically correct while delivering a motivational speech, you still have to refer to some attention-grabbing and legitimizing statistics or evidence to help you gain authority and assertion.

Work on the Beginning…

Start with a statistic or piece of information that has the potential to make even the most passive listener take notice and listen up. You have just a few seconds before your listeners either decide that you are boring as anything or interesting enough to be worth listening to. Make the most of these few seconds and come up with explosive hooks.

Educate and Inform…

Start with educating the audience. They need to know why the content is relevant enough for them to worry about it. What is it that has been missing from their lives so far? If you can convince these people that after listening to you, they will have something valuable and important to ruminate over, you have already won them over!

Aim to Inspire…

Make sure that you don’t forget to motivate. Be flagrant! Don’t worry about being a little (just a little) carried away while you try to inspire the audience into action. Your goal is not merely to convince, it is to offer enough reasons to want to get up and do whatever you are motivating them to do.

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