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You may have heard about different types of essays and how each needs to follow a different set of rules to write. You would be surprised to know that speeches also have different types. Unlike such a college essay, speeches have two main purposes: one they should be written extraordinarily, and second to present your stance to the public. In an essay you only deal with one issue, just to write it well. Your professors only look for your writing qualities and the ability to present your knowledge with relevant arguments.

You can write a very good essay after some practice while in the case of speech writing you need more practice. It works in two ways first you should be able to write a compelling speech second to deliver it effectively. There are different types of speeches and each serves a unique purpose. The important speeches are as follows: informative speech, a demonstrative speech, motivational speech, entertaining speech, persuasive speech, impromptu speech, oratorical speech, and debate speech. You can observe that every speech requires a different type of knowledge and it might become difficult for a person to become an expert in all of them. Thus, you can always ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

Most speeches do not have sub-types or categories but persuasive speech is a little different. The purpose of this speech is comprehensive where you have to convince the audience to agree with your point of view. In simple words, you can say that the purpose of this speech is to educate and motivate to do something or take action. For example, if you are delivering a speech about climate change and it requires some action from the audience. It can be in the form of volunteers to plant trees or cleanliness.

A good persuasive speech is based on detailed knowledge and it should be able to provoke the audience’s response. That is why academics have divided it into various categories and each deals with different subject matter and methods to deliver. I am writing down types of persuasive speeches an essay writer can observe the difference among these.

Types of persuasive speech

From the above discussion, now you know what the purpose of a persuasive speech is. Sometimes a specific data or subject matter also determines the type of speech that you use to convince the audience.

Factual persuasive speech

This speech is based on a specific topic backed by concrete evidence. This speech mainly deals and persuades the audience to believe something or an event that had happened in history. It is one of the reasons that it is called ‘factual persuasive speech.’ This speech mainly contains 'factual claims', however, some claims can be simple like President Obama was the first black president of the United States.

If you are giving a speech about moon landing it would also be a factual speech because the event is pretty much well documented around the globe. Some factual claims can be controversial for some cultures and religions around the world. For example, the existence of God is a widely known fact but some people tend to deny it and do not believe in the presence of deities. You would not have any concrete evidence about the existence of God except divine books or text. So be careful when you choose a topic for your speech.

Choose a topic with widely known facts as you can easily defend it. For example, you can write the history of conflicts in the 20th century. There were mainly three conflicts like the First World War, Second World War, and the Cold War. All these conflicts are easy to justify and were reported widely you can easily have a factual claim in your speech. In the same way, you can also deliver a speech on climate change. There are several books and scholarly articles on which you can easily defend your stance.

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Policy persuasive speech

It is given with a purpose to support or reject a candidate, rule, or policy. Usually, the head of state gives this kind of speech when he tries to convince Congress to sign a certain bill, that is why it is also called ‘policy claim.’ It is the most common form of persuasive speech that can be used to solve a problem on the state level. In simple words, you can say that a speech that includes a policy claim or amendment can be called policy persuasive speech. Some examples of policy claims are as follows:

  • Capital punishment should be stopped in the United States.
  • Human cloning is beneficial for organ donations.
  • The United States should now intervene in the world's affairs

Value persuasive speech

It mainly deals with ethics and moral issues. For example, you can argue in favor of or against abortion. You can say that it is unethical and immoral to abort a baby only God has the right to do it. You can see that it shows the value of an issue and how important it is to solve it. Some other examples of value speeches are:

  • Online dating is an unethical and immoral form of dating.
  • SUVs should be banned as they are gas-guzzling monstrosities.
  • COVID-19 and next global pandemic

You can see that every statement has a claim, it is totally up to you whether you want to speak in its favor or against. You have the liberty to choose any topic but you should explain and present it well so that the public can understand your stance on the issue. For example, if you are speaking against SUVs you should have some relevant examples like ‘such vehicles consume so much gasoline.’ They not only pollute the environment but they are also a cause of climate change.

After getting familiar with these types, the next step is to begin the writing process. For this, it is better to hire a professional write my paper service now.

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