Get to Know More about Various Debate Types - An Ultimate Guide

Students learn and often attend different kinds of debates during the academic period. It is a period where an essay writer spends much of his time learning new things. Sometimes you cannot focus on one thing especially when you get many assignments with a short deadline. By the time you reach professional life, you may have to forget many rules necessary to write an essay or a debate. In some professional careers, it is necessary to conduct debates regularly like a lawyer presenting arguments to a judge. If you intend to become a senator or governor then you should get ready for debates.

The most intense debate competition in the US happens before the American presidential election. When major candidates try to pursue and spread their agenda against the other person. To you, it may seem like they are arguing against each other spontaneously but trust me those are well-articulated debates with hours of preparation. Some candidates even have a team of professionals who write and tell the candidate how to answer a question and deal with criticism. It is all a part of the debate where each person or party propagates their unique agenda against the other.

If you want to understand its attributes then it is important to know different types of debate each with a unique format to follow. Typically any debate competition has two sides: a proposition and an opposition side. The opposition side negates or rejects any resolution proposed by the proposition and vice versa. A resolution is simply a policy statement i.e. there is an ongoing debate that 'marijuana should be legalized in the US', you can call it a resolution. If it is a debate competition then a moderator would decide whose resolution is relevant and compelling. In the case of court, a federal judge would decide about the legalization of marijuana. Now you know the significance of debates, in this post, I will cover different formats or common debate types or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Various Debate Types - An Ultimate Guide

Team policy debate

It is a popular form of debate practiced in American high schools like any debate there are two parties called the ‘Affirmative’ and ‘Negative.’ Each side has two debaters, in this type of debate four people participate excluding the judge and audience.

In total both teams deliver eight speeches by presenting their arguments in the initial four speeches followed by rebuttals. You can observe that it is a series of debates where each side has to be perfect. The purpose of arguing and rebuttal is to improve an argument by proposing a possible solution in the end. The first four speeches should not take more than eight minutes each followed by the last four speeches with four minutes each.

A proper format requires conducting these speeches in given order otherwise the intended purpose cannot be achieved. When both teams give the initial four speeches then there is time for cross-examination. A person doing this examination cannot give the next speech. Just remember that the ‘Affirmative’ team will always present an argument or resolution by sticking with their viewpoint.

The purpose or style of this debate is not persuasive rather it is based on presenting plenty of evidence in your support. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Lincoln-Douglas or L-D, the purpose of this debate is to highlight and discuss the merits of ethics in a persuasive manner. This debate model started in the 1850s when two senatorial candidates started a campaign for elections. It is a one on one debate where both participants face each other in the presence of a moderator. Both present their unique argument negating the other as a proposition and opposition teams.

The speaking time for both candidates is the same but ‘Affirmative’ has more speeches than the ‘Negative’ within the same time limit. Each candidate has 6-7 minutes for ‘Affirmative’ and 3-4 minutes for ‘Negative’ arguments. The main purpose of this debate is to propose a policy that could be related to internal and external affairs. Participants can also propose an initial draft of the new law if they find it helpful to win the debate.

In this debate make sure to speak, fluently, and logically. Your evidence would help you to propose a new policy recommendation. Your emphasis in the debate should be to catch the public attention. It is totally up to you how you would gain their trust and ultimately the vote.

Parliamentary debate

The purpose of this debate is to emphasize logic and persuasion. In this debate, you cannot establish your resolution before the debate rather you have only ten minutes before the debate to write it. This debate can consist of many rounds and each requires a new resolution. It started from the British Parliament which is why the proposition team is called the 'Government' and the opposition team is called the 'opposition.'

A Member of Government and a Prime Minister are two members in ‘Government’ while two members in ‘Opposition’ are named ‘Member of the Opposition’ and ‘Leader of the Opposition.’ In total it consists of six speeches including four constructive and two rebuttals with two cross-examination periods.

National Debate Tournament – NDT debate

It is similar to the policy debate in terms of the format. The participants in this debate type deliver four constructive speeches followed by four rebuttals and in the end four cross-examination periods. Make sure to include a maximum number of evidence-backed by statistics, quotes, and facts.

Cross-Examination Debate Association – CEDA debate

It is comparatively a new form of a debate organized on the college level. It was created as a reaction to the NDT debate, it also consists of two-on-two participants. Its structure is the same as the NDT but it is different in terms of ‘style of resolution.’ It does not specifically deal with the policy recommendation rather it is a value-driven debate. It involves the presenting of evidence during a debate in support of your resolution.

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