Tips to Maintain a Good Blend of Topic Sentences While Writing an Essay

You have probably heard the phrase “topic sentence”. And heard it quite a lot. Especially if you are a student. Then you will be told to use topic sentences and use them always.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

Now, why is that exactly? Why is it that a topic sentence is so important when it comes to academic writing?

You see, your professor wants you to keep things in order and maintain a structure throughout your college essay.

This is done through a lot of techniques and one of them is the use of topic sentences.

Think about it. It makes sense to focus on a topic sentence, no? But it is not easy to write.

Summarizing in a single sentence? That’s actually hard. So, if you are looking for some essay writing help free then I am here for you. I can give you the help that you need. Or you can always ask the best essay writing service to complete this task for you.

Let’s have a look.

Tip #1: Main Idea

Your topic sentence will summarize the main idea of the paragraph that you are going to write.

This is actually pretty helpful to the readers. This helps them decide if they want to read the paragraph or not.

So, an essay writer needs to be very clear as to what your main idea really is. State the idea firmly and precisely. Do not get lost in your own sentence.

Tip #2: Strike a Balance

Your topic sentence should neither be too generic nor too narrow. Get it? A generic statement will never be able to summarize the upcoming paragraph.

As for being too specific, you will just give away all the good information before the paragraph has even started.

So, you will have to handle the difficult task of striking a balance between generalization and specificity.

Tip #3: Use a Hook

I am not talking about the hook statement used at the beginning of the introduction. Oh no!

What I am trying to say is that you need to make your topic sentence into a hook. A statement that attracts your readers and makes them want to read the paragraph.

Make your topic sentence catchy and interesting and your readers won’t be able to resist you for long.

Tip #4: Keep it Short

It is called a topic sentence. Not sentences. Which means that it is one singe; sentence that tells about the contents of the paragraph. Just one.

And even that sentence is super short. It does not take up more than 2 lines of a word document.

Why is that? Well, the purpose of this sentence is to define your intentions. Not to give away any details.

Tip #5: Make it Reasonable

No matter what you write, always remember that you should be able to back it up with solid evidence and logic.

So, your topic sentence should also be reasonable enough that it can be defended.

You can always place facts in your topic sentence but if you choose to put in opinion then it better be defendable.

Tip #6: Connection with Thesis

Your topic sentence will always be connected with your thesis because your paragraphs are trying to prove your thesis.

Also, in most cases, a topic sentence is present in the thesis itself. Just in different words.

You need to look for the reasons behind your thesis and you will come up with your topic sentences.

I am sure of it.

Tip #7: Look at Examples

The best way to know what a good topic sentence is or how to write one is by looking at the examples of good topic sentences.

You may find some on the internet but the best examples will come from essays that are written by professionals.

So, look for sample essays or contact a ‘write my essay for me’ service and have an essay written for you.

Tip #8: Introductions Go in the Introduction

And I mean this with all my heart. You can’t just go on introducing yourself in the topic sentence. That is for the introduction.

If you want to write things like “This essay talks about the…” then do it while you write your thesis.

There is no place for such phrases in topic sentences.

This will be a very simple sentence that will be used for summary. That’s it.

Tip #9: Wording

You need to be very careful with your wording while you are writing a topic sentence.

You see, it is a short sentence but you will have to make your meaning perfectly clear in it.

So, you will need to use your best vocabulary and write very, very carefully.

Also, make sure that there is only one interpretation of that sentence.

Tip #10: Avoid Listing

The worst thing that you can do in a topic sentence is start listing off the things that will come in the paragraph. No.

Firstly, you can’t just give away that information just yet.

And secondly, a summary does not equate to a list. You will have to find other more creative ways to express yourself when you write a topic sentence.

Is This Enough for You?

I am hoping it is because that is all I have for you. For now, at least.

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A legit website means a legit service which means that you will get good quality essays that will be written just for you.

So, do give this option a try.

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