Got your first research paper to write? Here are 10 simple steps you need to follow

Research papers are essential while at the same time rather tedious to complete if one does not know-how. The main goal behind a research paper is to find a topic and delve deep into its depths to uncover more details than already are present. If in the process you would have to perform experimentation and use various methodologies then by all means utilize it to ensure the quality of your paper is of the highest level. But the initial thing is to begin a research paper and if an essay writer is doing it for the first time, he would need to look at some simple steps that would guide you through the entire writing process.

Steps to Perfection

  • Understand the prompt for the paper. Are there any specific requirements mentioned that the teacher wants or is there a requirement to follow a particular format. These details must be kept in mind and followed right throughout to effectively implement the paper on the expectations of the teacher.
  • The first thing is first, you have to pick a topic. Obviously, your subject would be the main driving force behind your entire paper. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that the topic must not be too broad or too narrow. If a topic is broad, you would not find any foundation to build the paper on and the same is the case with it being too narrow. The topic should give you enough food for thought.
  • Another step that goes hand in hand with the topic selection is actual research. While you establish what would be the basis of your entire college essay or paper you have to find relevant material. The scholarly articles are a great source to give you an indication of where the world stands and what point you would be picking up.
  • Organize your research so you can divide it into relevant sections. You do not want to find information haphazardly so be careful. It could be topic-wise, date-wise, or even author-wise. This would allow you to structure the literature review section of the research as well. You have to make an impact and properly highlighting how the research is categorized would plan an essential part of the whole process.
  • You should be making notes right about now from all that you have uncovered about the topic. Once you have collected enough information, you must be prepared to find the exact statement that your research would follow. This statement would be the thesis statement and it would contain the claims that would be trying to justify. The thesis should be clear, concise, and explain the crux of the paper.
  • Now, you are ready to start the first step of actually putting some things into words for the draft. This would be the outline and it would be a road map for you while you write your paper. You must carefully craft the outline to properly contain all the research so far and choose a proper format that would suit your research perfectly. The order, the headings, and the details within each would be developed now.
  • Now you are about to write your draft. Keep a copy of the outline with you and follow it so that no detail might be missed. You would be expanding each and everything all the while using a professional language. You must stay on track and do not divert away as all the interest for the audience would be lost. If you have any reservations regarding how to start a research paper then a professional writer could help. A professional essay writing service provides the best guidance for your predicament.
  • Once the draft is finished, give yourself a break and come back to the paper with a fresh mind. It would allow you to make editing efficiently and catch any inconsistencies that you may have overlooked the first time. Take the outline into consideration and see if anything has been left out that needs to be there. The first editing would be during outlining but you still have another shot so take full benefit from it. Incorporate the details at the right spot and see if it makes sense.
  • The research paper should be a professional-looking document and any grammatical mistakes would not be taken well. Make amends and choose proper words that would suit the style of the paper. Take note of the tense and make it cohesive from start to finish.
  • Take a final look to see if every element is properly adhering to the topic. From the introduction to the conclusion, your thesis should be in the limelight and any deviations should be taken out or modified immediately. This would keep the balance and cohesion at optimal levels while the audience would be in full attention towards what you are trying to show and tell.

Research papers are essential elements of academics and even after that. You would be competing to be the best when properly researching a topic and finding out any hidden gaps that might be present. Whatever the case may be, your entire degree and grades could be dependent on it. That is why it is essential to follow a game plan. There is no need to be quick and hasty about things. Take it slow and plan according to the provided instructions as writing without thinking would get you nowhere especially in research. Such papers have ample time with them so do not procrastinate and start studying instantly.

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