Smart Guide to Get Familiar with Major Types of Persuasive Speeches

Everyone knows about the different types of essays but many students get surprised after knowing about different types of speeches.

Have you ever noticed types of speeches?

Well, unlike essays, speeches have two focuses; the first is its quality and the second is its purpose that you show to the audience. In an essay, you only focus on one topic and have to write about it. Your evaluation depends on the writing style, quality, and fulfillment of requirements. Students feel that essay writing is difficult or boring but trust me it is much better than speech writing. This is because in the case of speech writing you need more practice and focus. The main reason for the difficulty in speech writing is that you have to deliver it confidently and the writing task is not enough for appreciation like essay writing.

In this blog we will tell you about various types of persuasive speeches that are;

  1. Factual Speech
  2. Policy Speech
  3. Value Speech

You will notice that every speech needs a different type of knowledge and is necessary to learn these differences to get pro in persuasive speech writing or you can ask others to write my paper.

Factual persuasive speech

This speech focuses on a specific topic that can be justified through evidence. This evidence can be statistical but should be accurate. This is why it is known as a factual persuasive speech. This type mainly deals and persuades the audience to understand and agree to something that has happened in the past. For example, you say that the earth revolves around the sun or claim that obesity is increasing in America by sharing some statistical data provided by authentic sources. Both types of facts are enough to make your factual persuasive speech perfect.

Another example of a factual persuasive speech can be a vaccination for COVID. In the following years, there will be research and factual data on vaccination that show how accurate they are to control the virus. However, right now speech on this topic will be controversial because no factual data is available at the moment.

If you are giving a speech about the moon landing it would also be a factual speech because the event is pretty much well documented around the globe. Some factual claims can be controversial for some cultures and religions around the world. For example, the existence of God is a widely known fact but some people tend to deny it and do not believe in the presence of deities. You would not have any concrete evidence about the existence of God except divine books or text. So be careful when you choose a topic for your speech. In case you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

Policy persuasive speech

In this type of persuasive speech, the speaker objects to or supports any policy or law. Not only law but any political body can also be a topic of speech. Most of the time, the head of state uses policy claims to support their policy or to reject the policy of the opponent. They focus on the pros and cons of the policy and law to let the audience understand their point. It is the easiest type of persuasive speech for political or well-known personalities to get the attention and support of the audience.

For example, the government accepts capital punishment but a speaker from an opponent comes on a public platform and gives a speech against this law. He or she shares proper reasoning and alternative to let people think that there should be no capital punishment. Another example is the organ selling law. America has restricted human organ selling to avoid illegal selling. But, the opponent can pressurize the government to unban this selling by arguing that human organ selling can help patients to get organs easily.

This is how people support or reject any policy and law to bring new changes in the law of the nation. Without these things, society cannot bring positive changes with time.

Value persuasive speech

This is the third type of persuasive speech in which the speaker uses moral and ethical problems. They select a topic and emphasize whether it's right or wrong. In other words, the speaker has to take one side of the topic and have to justify it with the help of strong examples and evidence. For example, you claim that technological advancement is not good for humans. This one claim will divide the audience into two groups; one will be those who will agree with you or those who are facing issues due to technology advancement. On the other hand, the other group will be those who are getting benefit from the new technology. Now your focus will be on the people who are against your claim and you will prove your point by giving examples and evidence that how technology is affecting people.

There are two kinds of people in the world of academic writing: those who think that writing is a daunting task and they cannot write good speeches. On the other hand, others think that writing is fun and they can write very well. I think both kinds of people think wrong because writing isn't difficult but it isn’t a piece of cake either. You can be among the second type of people just by one small step that is practice. Do practice and improve your writing skills to become a pro in speech writing.

Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you. Just specify your requirements and ask them to write my essay at affordable rates.

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