Guidelines on how to Format a Scholarship Essay

Are you planning on winning a scholarship for your college? Every student wants to win a scholarship and every parent wants their kid to get a scholarship so that they could lower the burden of college fees and avoid excruciating student loans. However, scholarships are very few and the competition is very high. Very few students can win a scholarship. Due to the increasing college fees, every student wants to get his/her hands on a scholarship. However, due to the increasing number of students applying for colleges, there is very tough competition. Most students with exceptional grades on their report cards were able to win the scholarship. However, these days many of the scholarships ask students to write essays to get accepted for the scholarship. This gives hope to many students who do not have as bright report cards as that of the top students in their class.

Do you have to write an essay for the scholarship? Do an essay writer want to write a winning essay? Do you want your scholarship essay to breathe life in your scholarship application? Do you want your scholarship essay to stand out? Do you want your scholarship application essay to impress the reader? Do you want to write an essay like a professional? Well, before you even begin, you must know that you are out of high school. In high school, your teachers might not have been strict about the format and structure of your essay. But you must keep it in your mind that the formatting and structure of your essay. No matter how good and exceptional arguments you may have presented in your essay, your teachers and admission officers would not even read your essay if it is not formatted according to the standards. Therefore, having the right scholarship essay format is essential. Without the right formatting, it is most likely that the admission officer would not even read your essay. Even if he/she reads it, wrong formatting would make a bad impression and he would never accept your application.

Following the given directions

First and foremost, it is compulsory that you follow all the given essay formatting directions given in the application. In the college scholarship application, there would be a list of instructions and guidelines for your essay, you must follow them. You must do everything according to those instructions. If you are given a word count, you must keep the word count in that limit. Writing a longer essay or a shorter one would give a bad impression. If you are given any instructions about the headlines or line spacing or the font shape and size, must follow them. Failing to follow the instruction can be the reason for your disqualification. Therefore, no matter how genius ideas about being more creative may pop up in your head, you must stick to the guidelines. You would get a chance to show your creativity in the content of your essay. Hire a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

What to do when no formatting instructions are given

If the scholarship you are applying for has not given any instruction about the formatting of your scholarship essay, you must follow standard formatting guidelines. Following the standard guidelines, you must use Time New Roman or any other easily readable font like Calibri, or Arial, etc. with a 12pt font size. Moreover, the whole text of your paper should be double spaced. You should make sure that there is at least a one-inch margin on all four sides of the paper. There is no need to get creative with the fonts or their colors, you must only show your creativity in the content of the essay, and in formatting, you should strictly follow the given directions. You may also want to put an indent before the first line of every new paragraph. If you have to cite any sources you must do them according to a citation style, i.e. APA or MLA.

How to structure your scholarship essay?

To write an outstanding essay, it is pertinent that you write your thoughts in a structured and organized way. To do that it is necessary that you create an outline of your essay before you begin writing the essay. An outline will help you place things where they belong and following the outline, you will write an organized and well-structured essay. Most of the time there is only a word limit given for the scholarship essays but there are no instructions about the number of paragraphs. Well, without worrying about it and you should simply follow the usual pattern of a five-paragraph essay. Like general essays, your scholarship essay would have three parts:

  • Introduction

    You should write a brief introduction, depending on the given word count. You should begin your introduction with a catchy statement that is popularly called an attention grabber. After briefly introducing the topic in a few sentences you must end the introduction with a thesis statement. Remember, you can always help others to write essay for me.

  • Body

    In your five-paragraph essay, there will be three body paragraphs. In body paragraphs, you will discuss the thesis statement. You will begin all three body paragraphs with a topic sentence supporting the thesis statement. You will discuss only one main point in each paragraph. You must keep a track of the word count while writing your body paragraphs. You should make sure that all of the body paragraphs are of the same size.

  • Conclusion

    This would be the last paragraph of your essay. You must reemphasize the thesis statement and briefly summarize the main points that you have discussed in the body paragraphs.

    Pro Tip: Always review your essay at least two to three times before submitting it. Or you can ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

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