Creative Hacks to Craft a Well-Organized College Application Essay – Guide

Writing a good college essay has always been a difficult task for high school students. Ironically, not a single educational institution teaches students how to write a good college essay. They only depend on their personal abilities and dedication to write such an essay. Some students managed to write a good one while others cannot write an appealing essay. Getting admission to a college or university is not a piece of cake as you have to be extraordinary to write such an essay. There are highly educated people included in your college admission committee or counselor.

They definitely have more knowledge and experience than students. Their scrutiny happens to be at an optimum level when it comes to reading and evaluating a *college application essay* written by a high school student. College students applying for university admission can write a good essay because of their experience and knowledge of multiple subject backgrounds.

In simple words, you can say that your future depends on a good college essay. Without it, you cannot secure admission to any academic institution. It is one of the reasons that students leave no stone unturned to craft an exceptional college essay. In this post, I will write some creative hacks to craft a well-organized college application essay or you can ask an essay writer to write your essay in no time.

Guide to craft a well-organized essay

Read college instructions

Sometimes students think reading college essay instructions is not important but in the process, they miss a lot of important details. Every academic institution issues its unique set of rules and you should follow all of them while writing your essay. The instructions could be anything like a specific prompt or word limit. First, read the instruction thoroughly and start writing important points or notes or an outline for your essay. Once you are done with it just write the first or rough draft of your essay then move to the final draft.

Compelling introduction

It can be a little difficult if you do not have enough practice. A good introduction should comprehend your essay within a proper format. You can only catch the reader's attention if your introduction is compelling and to the point. You need to engage the admission officers so you should start with an anecdote. Remember that a good college essay should not only portray your knowledge but your character and personality too. It should offer an insight into you and what you really are. You can also ask a paper writing service paper writing service to write a compelling introduction for you.


Your essay must be organized and to the point. Of course, the outline would help you to achieve it but before that, you should brainstorm to collect all relevant ideas. In this process, you would get a maximum number of ideas but you cannot write all those in your essay. Once you have written all the points eliminate unnecessary details and narrow it down to the important ones. You can always get the reader’s attention by incorporating your personal experiences and brainstorming is very important in this regard.

Use your inner voice

Remember that your college application is not only about the authenticity of knowledge. Rather it is also a psychological evaluation of your personality. College and university officials want to know your inner self and what are your objectives. Trust me they would evaluate you from any possible angle only then they would consider your admission. Writing such an essay is a golden opportunity for you to express yourself so use your inner voice and tell the reader what you really want to achieve.

Do not use clichés

This point is more related to the uniqueness of your essay. Normally, universities and colleges receive hundreds of applications. Usually, they know how students tend to write a college essay. They do not give enough time to each essay but they look for any unique points. If you wrote a traditional college essay, then you might not get admission at all. Your essay has to be unique from other essays; you can do not by avoiding clichés. Try to include an original angle in your essay and make it distinct.

Support your ideas

It is very important that your ideas should not be baseless or illogical. You can authenticate your ideas by adding some relevant examples in it. Your essay should include credible information supporting your point of view. You should link your essay with your personal qualities by developing some unique ideas.

Plan a clear essay

Creativity is a very important aspect of your essay which you can only achieve after a lot of practice. You can also link this point with conciseness and eloquence. These three points would help you to plan and write a clear essay. The length of the essay does not matter here only relevancy matters. If you think it is a little difficult then you can hire write my essay writing service for your college essay. Such professional services have professional writers that help students to write an exceptional college essay.

Get someone’s help for proofreading

You have indeed finalized your essay after many rough drafts but there is still a chance of mistakes. It is better to get someone else's help for proofreading rather than submitting an essay with potential errors. You can ask your high school teacher, parents, or a professional essay writing service to help you out in finalizing your essay. Once you are a hundred percent sure only then you should submit your essay to the college.

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