A complete sample assignment demonstrating Harvard citation and formatting styles

There are two important parts of any writing or citation style. Referencing refers to the list of sources provided by the author which have been used in the assignment. When these sources are used within the text, this usage is called a citation. Bothe referencing and citation allows you to show the research done for your work and helps you in justifying your argument. The citation is used in the form of (author year) e.g. (John 2012). In the following lines, we will take a closer look at the Harvard style of referencing and citation along with some general guidelines or you can ask others to write my essay.

Number of authors

If there is only one author for a source, you can use the (author year) combination to show the in-text citation. An example is given below:


(Jerry 2015)


Jerry, T (2015) Management for business 4th ed. NY. Cengage Learning

If there are two authors in a source, you should show them as they are mentioned in the source, not alphabetically. This will be mentioned as (first author and second author). An example is given below:


(Allen and O’Sheane 2016)


Allen, P., and O’Sheane L. (2016). Practical veterinary nursing. London. Wiley-Blackwell.

When you are referring to a specific section of a source, you should mention the page number. If the citation refers to a larger section or the entire work, you can exclude the page numbers.


(Bob 2015, p.26)

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Referencing a book

The citation requirements for a book are (author year) whereas the referencing requires the author surname, initials, year of publication, the title of the book: subtitle if any. The edition is followed by ed. If it is not the first edition, place of publication, and publisher.


(Dorsey 2013) Dorsey D. (2013). Ethics in Nursing: Cases from England. 2nd ed. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan.

(Allen and O’Connor 2016) Allen P. and O’Connor L. (2016) Practical nursing in emergencies. London: Wiley-Blackwell

Edited Book

An edited book follows the (editor year) format for citation. Editor surname, initials, followed by ed. (date of publication). Title of book: subtitle if any. Edition followed by ed. If it is not the first edition. Place of publication: publisher.


(Thorpe 2015) Thorpe A. ed. (2015) A handbook of financial management. London. Wiley


(Browne 2016) Browne K. (2016). An introduction to economics (online). Cambridge: Google books. Available from: hyperlink [assessed date]

(Aldgate 2010) Aldgate G. (2010) the psychological issues faced by growing children [online]. Paris: Jessy King Publishers. Available from EBSCO host eBook collection [assessed 20 July 2014]

Journal article in print

(Russell and Range 2015) Russell J.D. and Range T. (2015). The comparison of individualist and collectivist societies. Journal of social research, 5(2), pp. 299-327.

Journal article online

(Thayer et al. 2017) Thayer, A. Evans, M. McBride, A., and Spy croft, H. (2017). Content analysis as an acceptable practice in research for technical communication. Journal of technical communication and writing [online], 24(3), pp. 235-240. Available from: hyperlink.[accessed 8 July 2019].

(Guard Mitchell 2015) Guard Mitchell J. (2015). Finding the link between research and practice in the field of financial management. Journal of financial management and planning [online], 101(1), pp. 14-21.


(Graham Research Institute 2016) Graham research Institute. (2018). Graduate research [online]. Available from: hyperlink [Accessed 24 January 2018]

Citing a direct quotation

When you are taking a direct quote from a book or article in Harvard citation, a single quote must be used. The double quotation marks are used to mention the direct speech of a person. You will add a page number to the citation at the end. The quotation which is more than two lines in length should be presented as a separate, indented paragraph. Some unnecessary text may be replaced with ‘…’. If you want to add a word or two in a quotation to make it easier to understand, these words should be added in the squared brackets.


Simons, Massine, and Henry (2002) state that ‘not many people know effective ways to reduce stress and more specifically work-related stress’ (p.15).

Citing some image/table/diagram/figure etc.

An in-text citation should be provided by the essay writer when any image, diagrams or figures are added to the work. These objects or pieces should be considered direct quotes and their relevant page numbers should be provided at the end of the citation. The in-text citation would look like this:

Table showing a checklist of information regarding interest rates prevailing in different countries (Shields and Preen, 2018: p. 22)

Citing a multimedia work

If you want to cite a multimedia work, you will use the name of the program telecasted or video recording, or the title of the film as an author. This will also include videos from YouTube and other streaming websites.

Citing an interview

You will be using the name of the interviewee or practitioner as the author.

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