The history student's guide to writing a primary source analysis

What is one thing that goes hand in hand with writing? Obviously, the answer is clear cut and that is research. Research is of paramount importance as many of the details needed to be mentioned are hidden in bundles of sources available. It is the expertise of the writer that suggests which sources are the most wanted ones and would be perfect for the given assignment at any time. So if you are a history student and are required to write an analysis on a primary source, here is how an essay writer would proceed.


  • You are mainly becoming a historian as you would be delving deep into the various sources such as newspapers, journals, books, etc. Once you are sure what source you would be utilizing, you would be checking the era in which it was written. It would all depend upon the requirements of the instructor and how he wants everything done.
  • The first thing that would give you an idea is an examination of the source. What it means is that how the text has been written and what is the condition of the source would reveal a lot about it. This would also confirm the notion regarding the era of the source.
  • Next marks the start of the main steps of the analysis. You would be inspecting the kind of message being given to the audience through the source. Has the author managed to make it clear or is it hidden beneath the details? All these would give you some fair idea regarding the actual purpose behind its inception.
  • After that, you would be focussing on the strategies that the author has employed throughout the text. Are there rhetorics used, any arguments or other details would have to be mentioned and identified clearly? It would not only be a driving force behind your analysis but also elaborate on whether the author succeeded in getting the point across or not. These details would make for an original essay. If you find any difficulties, you could easily discuss it with a professional who would be willing to assist you in your task. Need help? consult a write my paper service now.
  • The text is not the only main part. You must have some idea regarding the author and his background. Does he have any authority over the subject that he has written about and is his expertise sufficient or not? This would also increase the relevancy and credibility of the source as those written by experts always hold great worth in the world of research and analysis. Also, try to form a link between who the author is and what he has written. There might be a certain motive behind it all and it must be examined as it would help you to uncover more details on the way.
  • Finally, your focus would be on the intended audience for the text. Is there a particular category of people that the source highlights or is it open for all? An expert essay writing service is in full knowledge regarding all these and knows how to analyze any given material. If you feel the need to consult them, then a writing service would give you access to them.

All the above questions would give you a certain perspective about the whole source in question. However, now you must write these details in a certain way so that you could get the meaning across to your audience. Here are some things that would help you out

  • You would introduce the source and mention any and all the relevant details to set the mood for the readers. If you have clearly uncovered some proper aspects that the source highlights mention that along with the author’s introduction.
  • After the introduction, the body paragraphs would highlight all that the source says. Is it based on some ideology or is there just general information? You would be basing your body paras on these and try to show the audience what position the author has established.
  • After this, you would be putting your opinion ahead as well. You would mention the important details that the source covered and what it failed to do so. It all is directly related to the way you studied the source. You should be able to mention whether the source is in coherence with the claims that have been mentioned.
  • Your analysis would be based on the source-specific information and you could also consult the other writers that have written with regards to the same topic. You would mention how your research and analysis fall into place with the rest of it and how it is different or similar to others.

Well, that is pretty much it. All the details that are required starting from research to the writing have been provided. However, you must remember the rules of the essay in order to succeed in writing a great analysis. You cannot take your eyes away from the ball and focus on just one dimension while forgetting the rest. Topic sentences for paragraphs and transitions are mandatory to give weightage to your writing. In order to make sure that everything is incorporated, an outline would be the best starting point. This would allow you to remember each and every point without forgetting anything before the final draft has been created. Once you have written everything, you can proofread and submit. The idea is to utilize the guides related to analysis with generic writing. Or you can always ask others to write my essay for me.

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