How to connect body paragraphs to the thesis statement?

Body paragraphs are used to explain the claim made by the writer in the introduction section. The writer may have stated a thesis at the end of the introduction section, the body paragraphs should support or prove this statement. To maintain a proper flow in the essay, all the body paragraphs should be connected in one way or the other to the thesis statement. In the following lines, we will take a look at how body paragraphs can be connected to the main core of an essay.

Use a topic sentence

This sentence presents the summary or main point of the whole paragraph. Each body paragraph should be started with a topic sentence that is directly or indirectly related to a statement of the thesis. You should know what you would write in a paragraph so that the topic sentence can be created accordingly. The coherence in your essay will be increased if the topic sentence is directly related to the thesis. All the topic sentences should include one or two keywords from the argument or thesis so that the relationship between the two can be stronger. It is not necessary to use the exact wording in the topic sentences. You should point slightly towards the thesis in all the topic sentences. The topic sentence should also show how the paragraph will contribute towards explaining or proving the thesis. The essay writer can also use the topic sentences to restate the thesis in different words each time. If a paragraph does not need a topic sentence, all the details provided in the paragraph should point towards the thesis. Some online writing services may help you in framing better topic sentences. These services have expert writers for various fields who can provide you with comprehensive topic sentences.

In a short story, “Two kinds” the expectations of the mother are too high towards her daughter. She wants to fulfill her dreams through her. The topic sentence may state that the constant pressure from the mother began to wear on her daughter. The thesis may also state that the pressure from the mother hinders the daughter.

Explaining the topic sentence

This has to be done when the topic sentence indirectly points towards the thesis. The explanation should elaborate on the connection between topic sentences and thesis. This is especially true when the subject matter is technical and some terms used in the college essay need to be explained. The topic sentence provided in the above example can be explained in terms of the thesis statement. The performance of the daughter dropped in studies and she began to exhaust. Make sure that the whole explanation is focused on the relationship between the body paragraphs and the thesis.

Provide the evidence

The whole paper revolves around the thesis so is the evidence provided by you in the body paragraphs. This evidence should also relate to the keyword used in the topic sentence that points to the thesis. Related evidence will allow the reader to move from the author’s opinion to the evidence without any major problem or jerk. The evidence may also include some quotes which should come from a reliable source and should be according to the context. It will be much better if the quote includes a keyword from the thesis in it. The writer can use many words to summarize the quote according to the context. If the quote supports the opinion of the writer, the word asserts can be used. A quote can also be used to clarify appointments and the author should use the words to make clear in this case. The evidence from the above example can be provided in terms of the results from the school and all other activities. If the evidence is in the form of statistics, it may have a stronger impact on the audience and readers because they are concise yet effective.

Explain the evidence

The quote should be explained in terms of its meanings and the relative importance of the thesis. The explanation of the quotation should relate to the thesis and be similar to what is presented by the original author. A similarity between the explanation of a quote will increase the credibility of your work. You will convince the readers that you know the exact meaning and context presented by the author even if you do not agree with him. This explanation will use one or two sentences unless the evidence is complicated or very long. The reader should know the relative importance of every evidence presented by you. The evidence should be explained in terms of the points to be made in each paragraph. The explanation can be based on the opinion and should use one to three sentences. The evidence can be explained by providing quotes from the story or some other famous person. These quotes should focus on allowing the children to be themselves.

Inserting a concluding sentence

All the materials provided in the paragraph should be summarized in the end in the form of a concluding sentence. One way of writing a concluding sentence can be to restate the topic sentence by using different words. This restatement should include a keyword from the thesis and some elaboration of the evidence provided. The concluding sentence may reassert the thesis differently. The mother would have been better off if she would have allowed her daughter to be herself.

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