How to ensure the validity and reliability of data in your research paper?

A research paper is a guide to any topic. Throughout their academic career students are asked to write research papers that target a specific topic and in such a manner they develop a complete guide that targets a topic methodically. Writing a research paper is a bit difficult and challenging task, as you are required to include a heading that is critical and make a reference to the research questions targeted in your paper. Sometimes students ignore the critical aspects of the paper, but this is not recommended at all, as you may lose a large part of the grades. So firstly, an essay writer needs to completely focus on what things he have to primarily target in the research paper.

Now when you have a clear idea about what you need to include in your paper, you need to analyze the research material carefully. The research content you will develop is based on different literary sources that we normally refer to as the research data. This research data is normally available in different forms, and its incorporation provides you with a strong base to develop the content. The research data you will incorporate must be valid and could be accessed through the open-source web link, as some readers cross-check the references you mention in the research paper. there are different manners to validate the reliability and validity of the data, and these following ways can help you do this

Search an authentic journal’s website

For a research paper, there can be multiple sources that can add authenticity to its content. These research sources are literary material that talks about a similar issue in a different perspective. If you want to use multiple sources in the research paper, you need to access the website of the different journals. Normally, you can get this access through paid subscriptions otherwise you can do this through different proxies that allow you access to the website. Once you get access to the website, look if you are able to get the right material or not. In most cases, you can easily get the right literary source to authenticate your research.

Look about the data on Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a widely used platform for students to access literacy and academic material. This is an authentic gateway to access valid research material. Google scholar provides you with the link to the source and you can then access that through any paid subscription. This data on Google scholar is always authentic and valid and you can access any credible source through the links provided by Google Scholar. The essay writing service also employs resources extracted from google scholars as they are authentic and give reference about the original author and the source of publication.

Try to access without VPN

The sources you will be using in the research paper should be open source. If you write a research paper, you need to provide each bit of the detail for the readers to verify that. At times, students use the VPN networks to access the research content they believe is credible, but not every reader is able to access that without a VPN. If you want to ensure the validity and reliability of the data, each source must be accessible without the use of a VPN. Also, the publication agency or the journal you will send the research paper for publication can reject your content on such a basis.

Authenticate the credentials of the authors

Whenever you cite any source, you need to confirm for its original author. Just search on the web about the name of authors you find on the publication and confirm their authenticity. If you find any dubious content or information avoid citing that source as it may lead to rejection of the content. Credentials of the authors are the first thing that a reader or the publication agency looks after.

Reference it along with the weblink

Though you will be following a standard referencing method for the research paper, keep in mind that you need to provide the web link either in the footnotes or in the endnotes. These weblinks are important as the reader is able to access the source on one click. Providing a web link is the best way to authenticate your research. However, if you provide the essential source material to access the reference article this will be enough for the citation. The validity and authenticity of the source material can also be judged through the information provided.

Cross-check the references mentioned in it

If you are more conscious about the citation material, you can cross-check this by accessing the articles mentioned as citations from the web. Though it is a lengthy task, you can have reliable information about the source by cross-checking it from the web. A professional writer and the original author do cross-check the sources mentioned in the endnotes or footnotes.

Must be a recent source

Lastly, if you want to ensure the validity and reliability of the source, you can select from the recent publications. The recent publications are the most genuine and authentic source. Thus, you don't need to worry about its authenticity while citing it. Some college essay writing and research paper services also use recent sources for the published material.

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