How to make a catchy Introduction for Speeches to Grab the Attention of Audiences?

Certain elements are essential to be present in a good speech. Speeches play a vital role in educating the public about any particular issue and delivering an important message. The biggest challenge for a speaker is to engage the audience through the power of words. Motivational speakers are the best public speakers who have the quality to engage the public. A speaker can deliver their message clearly and effectively if he knows from which event or detail to start the speech's introduction. If the introduction is appealing then an audience would be attentive during a speech.

That is why speakers spend extra time writing a good introduction speech as they know it is the only way to convince the public. A good introduction is generally 10-15% of your total speech. It means in a five-minute-long speech the introduction should not be more than forty seconds. In the same way, if a speech is ten minutes long then the introduction should be no more than a minute. In these seconds either you would be able to grab the audience’s attention or an essay writer can lose it altogether. I am writing down some tips. By following these you can write a very appealing introduction of your speech or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Tips to write a catchy introduction

Gain audience interest and attention

Gaining audience interest and attention should be the primary objective of your speech introduction. Do not assume that if the audience has gathered then they would listen. They may not speak during your speech out of politeness. Delivering a speech is one thing while making the audience listen to your words is another. The audience's attention would enable you to speak continuously and effectively. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Start with a purpose

You can also start your introduction with a clear purpose and reveal it to your audience. While writing a speech do not think like a speaker, rather think as a listener and what would you prefer to listen to as an audience. Once you are clear with your objective include it in your introduction. You can derive the purpose of your speech from the title or body paragraphs if you have not written the introduction yet.

Establish Credibility

You can also call ethos a concept was given by Aristotle to create credibility. First, you should know what credibility is and how your audience would perceive it. You may be an extraordinary speaker and world-renowned scholar but your credibility means nothing unless your audience perceives you as credible. You can create credibility by showing competence, caring, and trustworthiness. These three factors are very important if your audience thinks you are trustworthy and caring only then they would listen to you.

Give reasons to listen

To some extent, your audience indeed knows the purpose of gathering. The audience gathered for a reason but you should also give them reasons to listen to you. You should write your introduction in a way that establishes your connection with the audience. No matter how good you write your speech unless you are not on the podium you cannot build a connection. You should get ready for a surprise like any type of unintentional distraction by the audience. If the information is useful to the audience then your audience would listen to you.

Preview your ideas

Once you have written your introduction, review it for once. You would know whether they are appealing or not, for example, you may need to change the sequence of ideas or alter some of them altogether. Do not include more than five ideas in your introduction as an audience would have a clear view of your speech in this case.

Include an attention-getter

You should know that a bad introduction would turn an audience against a speaker. You can grab the audience's attention by writing an interesting attention-getter in your introduction. You can achieve it by including relevance to the audience, topic, purpose of speech, and occasion. Your options should be relevant and appropriate and should clearly define your speech title. You can also add the attention getter if you know your audience well. Just make sure that it should be informative, entertaining, and persuasive.

Start from a quotation

You can also capture your audience's attention by adding relevant quotes from other famous people. You should do little research for finding the perfect quotation, it would also add credibility to your words.


It is very important to start your introduction with an anecdote. If you are delivering a speech about literature, history, or any other subject which relates to an anecdote then you should start your introduction from it. An anecdote can be a real-life experience or any other fictional story that supports your stance. Do not make your anecdote too long as the ratio of words should be equally divided into your speech.

Start from a question

To intrigue your audience you can also start your introduction with a response question related to your main speech topic. In this way, the audience would pay attention first to you then to your question. You can also call it a literary exercise where you can also engage your audience but do not take too much time in it. For example, you can ask a question 'please raise your hands if you know what human consciousness is.' It is a responsive question and it would work as a bridge between you and your audience.

Start with a humor

It is also an effective way to start your speech; it is only effective if you use it properly. Know your audience as every person cannot understand humor. But it is a double-edged sword if you do not apply it carefully then it might work against you.

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