Simple Hacks on How to start a rebuttal in an essay

The major role of a rebuttal essay is to counter or disarm the argument presented by an opponent. This essay aims to provide a counter-argument which is a complete argument in itself. The writer is required to present a clear thesis statement and the body paragraphs provide the evidence to justify that opponent’s argument is not correct. The conclusion may be presented as a summary of the argument and counter-argument so that the reader’s knowledge is updated. In the following lines, we will take a look at how you can start a rebuttal in an essay or you can always ask others to write my essay for me.

Know the opponent’s argument

The first step in starting the rebuttal is to know the argument of the opponent. The writer should know the original argument of the opponent to analyze it. Attention should be paid to minor details including the examples provided by the opponent. A claim made by a person to justify the uniforms in schools can state that uniforms can save money for families and allow the students to focus more on their studies. You should know both the positive and negative aspects of the argument presented by the opposition. There will be some points to which you agree and some to which you will not. Outline the essay by writing down all the points presented by the opponent and writing your points besides them.

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Formulate a thesis

When you know the claim of the opponent in detail, you can formulate a relevant thesis statement for yourself. This statement will present an overall point for the whole essay for the reader. The thesis statement must directly oppose the argument presented by the opponent. This can be done by opposing the thesis statement presented by the opponent in your thesis statement. There should be a clear argument presented in the thesis statement and its wording should be clear and specific. An example can be given as follows:

“It is inhumane to include animals into testing so scientists should not do so”

You can counter this as:

“The safest way to test medicines for humans is to do it on animals”

The above thesis statement is a concise explanation of an argument and a counter-argument. We have simply written an opposite statement to the thesis presented by the other person. It may not be necessary in some cases to write an exact opposite statement to the one presented by the opponent. It is important for you that you have read the argument of the opponent in detail. The thesis statement should compel the audience to read the whole essay. If the thesis statement is generalized, the audience may not read the next sections of your essay. A more specific thesis statement will force the audience to read the full essay. The audience can also go through the essay to see whose arguments are stronger and what evidence has been provided by both parties. In case you are confused about developing a strong thesis, hire an essay writer service now.


The body section of the essay should counter the argument in the form of one point at a time. An essay writer can take several approaches while countering the argument including faulty assumptions, contradicting arguments or evidence, examples that do not match the arguments presented in the essay. There are three or four major parts of every argument presented in a body paragraph, analysis, explanation, and specific examples to support the overall argument. It is not necessary to disprove a point entirely but you can also show that the argument presented by the person is inferior to the one presented by you. The flaw or mistake in the argument should be identified and corrected. The paper should move from general to specific information. The broadest range of information is provided at the start of the essay. This section will include the thesis statement or the actual argument to be presented. The last section of each paragraph explains the linkage between the information provided by the author and the thesis statement presented earlier. The writer should also acknowledge that some part of the arguments presented by the opponent is valid or correct. The weakest and strongest points presented by the opposition should be contrasted with each other. An example can be given regarding free education, a writer can refute the argument presented by the other person by saying that the government does not have enough funds to provide free education to the majority of children. Another point can be raised to say that there will not be enough space for the increased number of students. The writer will have to support this counter-argument with the help of data.


This section concludes the essay by summarizing the positive and negative points provided by the opponent. A summary of the counter-arguments will also be provided in this section. The author can close the essay in many ways. One aspect of closing is to provide an open-ended question for the audience to think about. If the points provided by the author are superior to the opponent, the essay can be closed by showing superiority.

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