How to Start an Exemplification Essay? Learn through Examples

Exemplification essays are kinds of essays that use detailed but relevant examples and evidence to explain a term or subject. The main purpose of an exemplification essay is to explain, argue, or show a particular point.

The best approach to write masterful and exceptional exemplification essays is using a huge amount of examples to explain your thesis. As well as to defend it (thesis statement) as needed. Utilizing effective and constructive content and examples would assist you to accomplish intensity and clarity in the essay.

There is more than a single way to start writing an exemplification essay that grabs the attention of the reader. The following are the most amazing and credible approaches to start an exemplification essay. All an essay writer needs to do is go after these approaches. Learn and understand them well and you will reach where you aim to reach. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Using a popular and credible quote

Beginning your exemplification essay with the help of a famous (but relevant) quote is one of the most effective approaches, to sum up, the main goal of your essay. This approach also enables you to develop authority.

To the point, you must choose a quote that matches concepts that would be explored in the essay. So, you will be able to develop a strong introduction when writing the thesis. For instance, you are writing an exemplification essay on hard work as well as its significance and role. Then you can start by stating “hard work always pays off”. This is the best way because the stated quote will clearly show the importance and consequences of hard work.

Adding Anecdote

An anecdote is a short story that allies with the main subject of your essay. You can start with an anecdote that may not be shorter. It means that you should not think that the anecdote will take more space in your essay. But put if it is a perfect piece for your essay. For instance, if the essay is about football. Then you can start the essay with a brief story about your first experience with the game called football.

Keep in mind; anecdote assists to personalize terms for the reader and formulate it relatable. In case you are confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Asking questions

Asking an interesting but appropriate question is another creative approach to start your essay. It may be a bit of a critical task but not too challenging. It is not challenging because you only have to pose a question to ask your reader. But it may be critical because you have to choose a relevant, credible, and interesting question. That should be completely based on the subject or main term of the essay.

This approach grabs the reader's attention and even forces them to think about the question and its answer. So, there is a crucial responsibility that comes to you. You must answer the question by the end of your essay. Otherwise, you would disappoint your reader.

Adding statistics

Adding statistics related to your topic or main term of your exemplification essay is also a credible way to start your essay. A surprising statistic is an easy and quick approach to catch the attention of the reader. As well as to keep the reader fasten to the essay. It is a great way but keep in mind; you must add exact and true stats or figures. But make sure that you are disclosing information that is unknown to your audience/reader.

For instance, if your essay is about the consequences of drug abuse. Then you can start by adding the number of deaths per year (on a national and global level) due to drug abuse.

Example of Exemplification Essay

Title: Obesity and Overweight

All over the world, roundabout 20.6 percent of adults who are 18 years old were obese. This consists of 11 percent of males while 15 percent of females. The prevalence of obesity and overweight has almost tripled in the last 3-4 decades.

By the main conception, obesity is our body weight goes beyond the acceptable limit of fats. Obesity and overweight become an issue when the weight goes beyond the acceptable limit at a particular age. That has a huge impact on our bodies and health. Individuals including men and women become obese due to several reasons.

According to health practitioners, the main and major causes of obesity and overweight are;

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Use of fast food
  • No diet and exercise

In the current time especially in our society, convenience and comfort are becoming a kind of risk for us. Because convenience and availabilities are getting over the health consciousness. As an outcome, the fight against obesity and overweight has become a defeat for us.

The key to physical as well as mental health and wellbeing is proper diet and exercise. For the purpose to reduce weight, calories getting out should always be more than calories getting in. Based on the findings of the Centers for Diet Control, more than 33 percent of US adults are facing the problems of obesity and overweight. In the past few years, the rate of obesity and overweight has shown a massive increase. The rate increased in more than 15 states. While it did show a decrease even in a single state.

The effect of obesity and overweight is very critical and profound. Hence, every one of us has a responsibility to play our part/role. We must be cautious because obesity and overweight are harming both; our health and the economy. Also, we should not ignore its critical effects on our mental and emotional health.

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