How to Write a Research Paper in 10 Easy Steps

Have you been assigned a research paper or college essay that you just can’t understand? Do you just want to get it done as soon as possible but just don’t know how?

Yeah. That is more common than you think.

You see, writing a research paper is nothing like writing an college essay or a speech. No! Research papers take a lot of work and effort.

Which is why they can be so frustrating. But, don’t worry your pretty little head over it.

I have a solution waiting in just for you. I am going to tell you how to write a research paper as if I was a professional essay writer myself. Ok, so I do have some experience in that area.

I was a student too after all. Which is why I know how you feel and how your professor feels.

So, I can be of service to you. Have a look at how.

Step #1: Choose a Topic

The very first step is the choice of the topic. Try to find something that is not only fun but also interests you.

Research papers can be long and writing them can take days. If you want to have a good paper then you need to be interested in it.

So, take care in picking your topic. Don’t settle for the first one you can think of.

Step #2: Find Sources

Next up is finding the sources that you will use in your paper. As this is a research paper, you will probably need a lot of those.

An essay writer can look for journal articles, academic papers, and a few websites.

The websites you use must be authentic which means that use news websites of official governmental sites.

Try looking for any information that supports your thesis.

Step #3: Write an Outline

This may take some time but it will all be worth it! You see an outline can be very important.

It gives you a structure to work with and gives you the chance to think ahead of time.

You will do all the thinking in this step and when it comes to writing, you can focus on finding the words to write a great paper.

Step #4: Start with the Introduction

Some students leave the introduction for last as they consider it to be the easiest bit. Don’t do that. It will just mess things up in your head.

Start with the introduction and give some background on your topic. Talk about its context and why it is such an important issue.

Once you have done that, mention your thesis statement at the very end.

Step #5: Use Outline to Write Body

Your outline will be most useful when you are writing the body paragraphs. You will have decided which arguments to use and what evidence and sources to present.

Now, you just need to do the writing.

Follow the outline to a T. Do not waste your time thinking in this phase until and unless you think that something is seriously wrong.

Step #6: Integrate the Sources

Those sources that you were looking for. Now is the time to use them for good. In most cases, your professor will mention how many sources you need to use.

If not, then you should use at least one source for every point that you make. This means that you should use one source in each body paragraph.

If you want to use more, then that is fine too. Just make sure that they are authentic.

Step #7: Conclude

Your conclusion should be the easiest paragraph that you will ever write. Most of it is just a repetition of what you have already written.

Mention your thesis and your main points but use different words.

Then, give a brief reflection on your topic. Don’t use more than one to two lines for it and you should be good.

Step #8: Proofread

Your job is not yet over I am afraid. Once you have written the paper, you need to go back and read it again. And again. And again.

Looks for the mistakes that you know you tend to make.

Make sure that your punctuation, grammar, and other similar elements are perfect.

Then look for mistakes in sentence structuring. Look for mistakes one by and keep correcting them.

Step #9: Revise

If your planning stage was not that great, then you will probably need to revise some of your paper.

You will do a bit of revision in step no. 8 but this is where the real test begins.

If you are satisfied with your paper then you need not worry about this.

But, if not then you can always modify things as you see fit. Just make sure that everything in your paper relates to the thesis.

Step #10: Get Professional Help

If you are struggling a bit too much then might I give a perfect suggestion? Go and get in touch with an essay writing service and get some extra help. This help can be of any kind.

You can ask them to get your paper written by a professional essay writer or you can ask for other lesser favors.

For example, you can always ask for an outline and then write the essay yourself. Or, you can give them your essay and ask them to proofread.

The choice is yours. So, go and explore these new options right away.

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