How to write an amazing medical research paper in no time

Before you start writing a medical research paper, you should first know what it is. A medical research paper or college essay is written by scholars, scientists, and professionals who are associated fully with the medical research and in general information technology. Here are some tips to write a good quality medical research paper.

Choose a topic

This is the first and most important part on which the whole paper is based so give proper consideration to it. Mostly the topic is selected by you but your supervisor can also suggest some topics. Make a list of all topics and select the one in which you have an interest. You can do this by asking yourself several questions such as ‘Will I be able to find sufficient information in this particular area?’ Is this topic novel? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’ then you should select the topic.

Now narrow down your topic by reading several research papers in the same area. Find background information and identify different sources that you can use. You can also ask your colleagues and professors for suggestions and feedback. Pick something that is really interesting and that can answer questions with proposed solutions.

Determine what kind of Medical Research paper you want to write

Keep in mind! The format of your research paper strongly depends on the type of research you are going to conduct. Quantitative research studies mainly comprise original research that you are planning to conduct. This type of research paper will require you to include sections such as research questions, study objectives, previous findings, limitations, methodology, results, and discussion. On the other hand, a secondary research paper follows other methodology as in this you review already published papers and then find strengths and weaknesses which provide an indication for the future studies.

Thoroughly research Your topic

The best way is to interview people who have special experience and knowledge in your research area. Find reliable resources that support your ideas as it makes your paper credible. Books, academic resources, and databases are the best source of information. Keep track of all the sources. It is best to write down all important information of publication for your citation such as title, edition, publisher, issue number, volume number, date of publication, and volume. For citation, you can use software such as Endnote. Paraphrase all information in your own words to avoid plagiarism.

Organize your notes

The next step in writing a medical research paper is to sort out your notes. This will help you in the writing process. Digital notes are best to search for specific information.

Outline your paper

Now, it’s time to make an outline as it will make it easy for you to start writing a research paper. The most common way to format your research paper is to use the IMRAD format which is: Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion. Remember! The outline is only a basic structure for your research paper. You can modify it accordingly.

Know the Research paper format

Now, look at the formatting requirement before you start. Remember! Each grant writing institution and journals have different requirements for formatting. Use a Times New Roman font. If needed, develop a cover page that includes running head, title, author name, semester, etc.

Compile your Research Findings

Divide your research paper into different logical sections. If it is a quantitative research paper, then it will include the above-mentioned sections. In the case of a qualitative research paper, organize into main points that make sense. Divide all information into different sections and subsections each containing one main point. Include the data tables and figures which support your main idea. If you are in a need of expert service, then order high-quality medical research papers from an essay writer and enjoy good grades. After this summarize your study main points and discuss how this will contribute to future research. If possible, highlight the potential application of your research findings.


Now it’s time to write an introduction. By this time, you have almost completed your research paper so you know exactly what to include in the introduction section. In this section, state the significance of your research problem and study objectives. Keep the introduction of your research paper short.

Write the abstract

An abstract summarizes the research paper by highlighting the main points. The abstract should be written at the last so that you can properly summarize everything you have included in your research paper. Highlight the purpose of your paper and the main conclusion and make sure that you have a high-quality data set and solid study design. The abstract should be one paragraph long and not more than 250 words.

Cite while you write

Citing sources is important to avoid plagiarism and become easier to know from where the ideas came from. Use these throughout your research paper and compile the reference list at the end of your research paper. If you are having any difficulty, then you can hire a professional essay writing service where expert writers will write a high-quality research paper for you. Keep in mind! Do not plagiarize. Using someone else ideas, words, and work and presenting them as your own is a crime. Ask your supervisor to help if you are confused about any section of the research paper.

Proofread your research paper

Make sure that your research paper is organized logically. It is important to revise again and again to make sure that the paper is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. Make sure that you are following the guidelines provided by your professor.

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