Ideas, examples, and tips to ace your high-school descriptive essay

Let’s paint a picture; not with colors but with words. Confused as to how one can paint a picture with words? Well, you can paint a picture with words by using a description. Yes, you heard me right. By utilizing description, you can let the readers get familiar with a certain incident, places, memory, or a person.

In the academic arena, students are assigned a task to write descriptive essays on various topics since this college essay type lets the professors not only determine the students writing abilities but also give them insight into their experiences and memories as well. Although, writing a descriptive essay seems an easy-peasy task but believe me it is a challenging task. Therefore, many students get lower scores when they are given the task to write a descriptive essay.

Are you a student and wanted to nail the art of a descriptive essay? If yes, then this guide will walk you through the ideas and tips along with descriptive essay examples so that the next time you get the assignment to write an essay you can write an incredible one that can surely impress the readers.

So without further ado let’s begin our journey to nail the art of writing an effective descriptive essay.

Topic ideas

The first step to write an essay is to find a perfect topic. Typically, professors share a list of topics and let the students pick the one or assign them a topic of their own choice directly. However, in many cases to foster students’ creativity they let them pick a topic themselves.

Choosing a topic, yourself isn’t as cool as it sounds since it is a bit of a tricky task. Students either pick a broad topic and they aren’t able to incorporate all details in the essay or pick a topic that is too narrow that it can barely explain to the readers what your essay is all about. Therefore, pick a topic that is neither too broad nor to narrow and is easy to comprehend.

Looking for some potential topic ideas? Then, skim through the list of topics and pick the one that interests you the most.

  • Describe your favorite physicist?
  • Describe bitcoins
  • Your favorite place for vacation
  • Describe your first day at school
  • Describe your first job interview
  • Your first swimming experience
  • Scuba diving
  • Best places for spending summer vacations

Thesis statement

A thesis statement serves as a building block for your essay. Therefore, it is imperative to write an effective thesis statement that can let the readers know what you’ll be explaining in your essay.

  • Example: This essay will explore more about ladybugs along with their scientific classification, subfamilies, etymology, and their description, etc.

Have you noticed how effectively the above statement indicates the readers what they will be going to learn in the essay? You can also create an effective thesis statement but only if you practice more since practice makes a man perfect.

If you are struggling to write an effective thesis statement or facing difficulties in crafting an essay, then I recommend you take help from any online essay writing service and let their writers craft an essay for you.

Creating an outline

Regardless of the essay type, outlining is just before you initiate the writing process. Specifically, discussing descriptive essays, an outline is necessary since it can help you organize your ideas in a proper format and proper flow.


Looking for some samples so that you can get an insight into how to write a descriptive essay on various topics then skim through the examples below and learn the art of using a description.

  1. The serenity of the sea waves along with a ray of sunshine that reflects on the water and making it luminous is something that every person needs to experience at least once in their life. Walking on the seashore on the wet sand soothes the heels and makes an individual appreciate nature.
  2. Newton is a famous mathematician, theologian, and physicist who is famous for presenting the notion of gravity after watching an apple fall from the tree. His full name was Isaac Newton and he was born in the year 1642.
  3. Bitcoin was invented in the year 2008. It is a cryptocurrency and was released as open-source software. It is a digital currency that operates without a central bank and does not even require a single administrator.


  • Don’t overuse description: Overusing description is considered as fluff that can deviate readers’ attention and can frustrate them. Therefore, use a description where it is necessary.

For instance:

  1. The sunlight hits the green grass and the dewdrops on the grass start to shine like little pearls.
  2. In the above example, you may notice that the word green is used which is irrelevant since we are familiar with the color of grass

  3. The dewdrops on the grass started to shine like pearls when they were hit by the sunlight.

The above sentence is precise and clear and uses the description when necessary.

  • Avoid clichés and idioms: An essay writer can use metaphors or even idioms but again overusing them will only deviate readers’ attention. Sometimes a simple description is more than enough to explain your point of view rather than using metaphors or idioms. It is recommended to avoid flowery words and try using simple and easy to comprehend vocabulary.
  • Proofread and edit: Once you are done writing an essay then I suggest you read it out loud and point out errors. Once you have pointed out all the errors that may include irrelevant details, punctuation errors, and grammatical errors it’s the time to make corrections and edit the essay to make it error-free.

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