Ideas, Topics, and Examples of Definition Essays – Guide

Hope you are aware of what definition essays are written for? As well as how these essays are written. But no worries if you are a bit unclear about these points. We are always here to assist and guide in your online essay writing as well as in each of your academic assignments or tasks.

Definition essays are kinds of essays that define a particular concept or term. Writing of definition essays is known as expository writing where the writer gives opinion and information about the term or concept.

Additionally, professional writers typically follow standard essay formats when writing definition essays. They also put both analysis and definition of the concept or term when writing a definition essay. Hence, you should do the same when writing essays. But keep in mind; a vital and critical thing about definition essays is the selection of a perfect, ideal, and powerful topic.

It is an important task that needs to be done carefully as well as professionally. Because one may not write a masterpiece if they do not have a powerful topic in hand. But again, no worries at all. Below are the most powerful and exceptional topic ideas of definition essays. Or you can always ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

Topic Ideas

  1. A. Extended Definition Essays
    1. Healthy attitude
    2. Privacy rights
    3. Self-assurance
    4. Idleness
    5. Happiness
    6. Sadness
    7. Isolation
    8. Mindfulness
    9. Critical thinking
    10. Impression
    11. Ideology
    12. Modesty
    13. Relationship
    14. Friendship
    15. Personality
    16. Freedom
    17. Terrorism
    18. Effectiveness
    19. Credibility
    20. Performance
    21. Motivation
    22. Courage
    23. Individualism
    24. Socialism
    25. Capitalism
    26. Success
    27. Failure
    28. Beauty
    29. Greatness
    30. Love and respect
    31. Honor
    32. Coaching
    33. Leadership
    34. Management
    35. Loyalty
    36. Heroism
    37. Timing or good timing
    38. Humanity
    39. Achievement
    40. Development
  2. B. Argumentative Definition Essay
    1. The major cause of mass murders
    2. The cause of street crimes
    3. Death penalty and its advantages and disadvantages for people as well as for the state
    4. Definition of smoking by healthcare professionals
    5. Cell phone use: advantages and pitfalls
    6. Creationism as a new subject: should it be added?
    7. Fair election: what can be the most effective strategy to ensure it?
    8. Racism: how it can be prevented?
    9. Culture and usage of international language by citizens of a country: any association?
    10. Corporate Social Responsibility: what is the actual meaning?
  3. C. General Topics
    1. Love and the real meaning of it
    2. The best approach for defining honor and respect
    3. How one can explain the judgment
    4. The ingredients of a true relationship
    5. Hate: what is it?
    6. What does it mean to be great and successful
    7. Real hero: who is he/she and what are their personal traits
    8. Courage and motivation: what is the significance of each?
    9. College degree: why does it matter in professional career and success?
    10. The freedom to make choices

Examples of Definition Essays

Example # 1 (Bravery)

Indeed every one of us feels afraid in different situations where one situation is trying to achieve a goal. It means that we all get afraid when we try to achieve what we plan. But you know why and what we are afraid of? We are afraid of failure. But we should not forget that we all are courageous in what we do. We are courageous because every one of us is an expert at least in one aspect of life. Similarly, every one of us possesses at least one skill and this is what makes us brave. Hence, the same applies to you, and never forget this.

No doubt bravery and courage do not exist if one has not faced troubles and fear in life. But it is the mindset that we take to face an issue or challenge which may even be dangerous. Every one of us thinks about the possible harm when the act is dangerous. But a brave action needs one to face and welcome the task. Instead of withdrawing from it.

There are millions of examples of courage and bravery. And all of them show that bravery, courage, and being challenging had made people successful and great in life. Even brave and courageous people have made histories. Some known examples of such people are worriers in history as well as car racers, bike racers, and mountain hikers in the current time who have become brave by facing fearing challenges and embracing them.

Indeed bravery does not exist without fear. No matter how dangerous and challenging tasks one faces. But bravery and courage enable one to work alongside their fear instead of forgetting it. Additionally, you can be such an individual if you think the same.

Example # 2 (Beliefs about Family)

One of the most important and closest relationships in one’s life is family relations. Family members are the individuals for whom it matters if you are developing a new building. It means that you need to develop strong and all-time fresh associations if you want to be a good member of your family. The example of the building is perfect because a building can be a shelter for many people. Hence, the family is like a shelter for you. It should matter for you what that person is. But what matters is that you should value each one with respect and honor.

Family members are the people who will help you more than anyone else in the whole world. You may have good friends in your family and this strengthens your family. Family members are the people who visit you in the hospital. They are the people who will support you when you have financial troubles/issues. For example, the situation when you lose your job. In short, family members are the ones who are biologically associated with one another. And people who act following this relationship/association make a family.

This guide will help you write your definition essay in no time. However, if you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service now.

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