Importance of Citations and References in Essay Writing – Rules

The scientists and researchers have to give proper credit to others when their work is used. This is common practice with the researchers but there are various instances when the work of others is not given the proper acknowledgment. There are many reasons for the writers to cite and refer to the work of others. Some reasons may pertain to the whole research community whereas some others refer to the specific issues or persons. In the following lines, we will take a look at the reasons why citations and references are important in essay writing.

The readers can check the sources

When you cite or refer to any source, you are providing the readers with an opportunity to check the facts presented in the writing. When writing about some topics related to natural sciences, the writers will have to present some facts and proper citation will help the audience to verify these facts. If you are citing another study related to your work, the audience can check whether the link between the two studies does exist. This aspect may also relate to the audience who are targeted by the author. If the audience is other researchers or some platform to publish the paper, you should provide the exact references.

Referencing will make you a better researcher

A characteristic of good research is that the writer gives adequate attention to detail and breaks the patterns included in a piece of writing. Good citation practices help the writers in achieving both these objectives. A properly cited source will help the readers in finding the exact page numbers, name of author, time, and the accuracy of facts that have been presented in the research. When you give appropriate importance to all the details, it makes you an overall better researcher. Scientific research requires the researcher to identify trends and patterns within a text. Preparing a good bibliography helps the researcher in developing the ability to find patterns. This ability also allows you to summarize a huge amount of information into a short space.

Improving the writing skills

The writing skills can be improved with better citations and referencing. A good paper should have the prose which is as compelling as the content. The habit to cite all the materials provides a strong base to improve these skills. Presentation of the specific sources shows that the writer is very clear about the concepts and there is no laziness in the thinking of the writer. Another aspect of better writing is that there is no generalization in writing. The phrases like “as you know” and “everybody knows” are replaced by some specific sources. The points made by you are very clear in the minds of readers or the audience. The citations help you in using the active voice more frequently. The editors and reviewers in various journals do not like the passive voice to be used. The proper citations will help you to delete the phrases like “it is said” from your academic papers altogether.

Showing the subject knowledge

A set of proper citations and references shows that the essay writer has adequate knowledge of the subject. There are many technical terms used by various authors in their research that need explanation and clarification. These terms will assure the readers that the reader has adequate knowledge of the subject under consideration. The bibliography shows that the writer has read a majority of the material presented in the papers and other sources before writing. If a reviewer finds an error of omission, he or she may conclude that the writer does not know the field in much detail. This aspect may also lead to several rejections from various platforms.

Credibility as a scholar

When you cite everything carefully, your credibility as a researcher increases among the peers who review the research. This is especially true in the field of science where facts and figures are presented as a part of the research. When you have cited all the material and added your part as well, you can safely tag your work as the original college essay. The nature of work will determine the appropriate number of sources to be used. However, a large number of sources may not make the research credible.

Verification of the work

There are many stages through which your research will go through before it can become a part of a website or print version. The editors, peer reviewers, and other members of the process will find it easier if the sources are accurate and can be easily verified.

Many online writing services can help you in developing the citation list for your work. These services can also proofread your document in terms of the accuracy of the references. The in-text citations are also an important part of error-free writing. The online services have expert writers who know the different forms of referencing. Thus, they can help the writer in correcting any mistakes in citation and referencing.

Originality is a very important aspect for the writers and these services can provide the writers with a report regarding it. This report will include the percentage of content that has already been published somewhere else. The writer can rectify this issue by changing the words of their content according to the report. The writers have to provide their content to a paper writing service well before their deadlines so that they can handle the work appropriately.

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