Importance of outlines and other pre-writing strategies for an A+ grade critical essay

You may have heard that academic life is full of challenges where you are liable to complete several assignments within a given deadline. The assignment could be from a simple quiz to writing an essay; sometimes it is easier to complete a quiz than writing an essay. Some students find it easy to complete a quiz because they only have to reproduce previously learned knowledge. Writing an essay requires a different set of skills; without these, you cannot write a good essay, and your essay would only look like a story. Certain steps need to be fulfilled before you start writing your essay.

It is usually known as pre-writing strategies; these are important to follow if you want to write a critical essay. There are some variables that depend on each other i.e. If you follow correct pre-writing steps then you would be able to write a good outline and later other important parts of your essay. You can say that these are interrelated and one cannot work without the other. An essay writer can only get an A+ grade in your essay if you know all the principles with the method to apply them. Sometimes it is necessary to get good grades in essays because it also ensures the provision of scholarship.

If you are applying for college admission then you must know some prewriting strategies only then you would be able to write a compelling essay. It is usually known as an admission essay where you have to summarize your previous life achievements with future goals in just over 600 words. Though it is not impossible you just need little practice and some specific rules to follow. You can also hire a professional essay writing service; it would help you to write any type of essay.

There are many types of essays and each requires a different set of rules to follow but despite the essay type, every essay starts from an outline. There are two types of outlines, topic outline and sentence outline each has its separate significance and method to write. If you want to know the tips to create an effective critical essay outline then you are in the right place. In this post, I will highlight pre-writing strategies with techniques and the importance of outlines for an A+ grade critical essay.

Importance of outlines for an A+ grade critical essay

Outlines help you to gather your thoughts about a particular topic. It clears your thoughts and enables you to write a coherent and eloquent essay. You would be able to write ideas in a flow or with logical order.

  1. Greater focus
  2. Outlines give you a greater focus because it eliminates all the irrelevant options. It means you will only write relevant material in your essay. If your outline is focused only then you would be able to remain focused.

  3. 2. Smoother transitions
  4. Of course, you would not write a transition phrase or sentence in your outline. A good outline would show where the idea or topic is changing. If you are writing a topic outline then it will be easy for you to point out a new idea. When you start writing your college essay just add transition sentences between paragraphs.

  5. 3. Optimal order of content
  6. Teachers around the world have a different view of writing an essay. Some argue to start from the strongest argument then move to a less important argument till the end. Your outline would help you to organize and write your ideas in an ideal spot.

  7. 4. Concise writing
  8. Your outline would help you to eliminate all the unnecessary words from the essay. You can choose concise words for your essay without using unnecessary words. When you will write an idea in outline some relevant words would automatically pop-up in your brain thus enabling you to write an eloquent essay.

  9. 5. Improve organization
  10. It means to write your ideas in a flow or chronological order. Remember that your sequence would always matter for a good essay. The organization or sequence may be easy in an ‘argumentative’ or ‘cause and effect essay,’ but it would be difficult in a narrative essay. Make sure to follow a logical sequence in your outline so that you can write a good essay.

Pre-writing strategies for an A+ grade critical essay

It means there are certain steps that you need to follow before you start writing your essay. If these steps go well it would mean that you are in a position to write an essay with the potential to get an A+ grade.

  • Brainstorming: It is the most important step in prewriting, it organizes your thoughts about a particular topic. It would also give a certain direction as if you need any changes in your essay. Just sit down and think about your topic and it will start a flow of ideas.
  • Clustering: It helps to explore more than one idea and think about them separately. Writing as many points as you can and later narrow it down to a specific point. It would enable you to finalize your topic with more ideas to include in your essay.
  • Freewriting: It is slightly different especially if you know nothing about a topic. It means just sit down and write down your ideas in a flow without giving much thought to grammar, spelling, or content. Once you are done with your freewriting just narrow it down to a specific idea and develop your topic from it.
  • Journaling: It means asking questions from yourself as much as you can until you get all your answers. Sometimes it could be time-consuming to make it easy, just carry a journal and write down your thoughts. It would help you to write all ideas about a respective topic.

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