Importance of topic sentences in the essay writing process

There are many important assignments handed over to students during their educational career. Essay writing is one of the most important activities undertaken by the students. In the essays, many other important aspects have to be considered. One major issue faced by the students is to keep the flow of their writing intact. In the following lines, we will take a look at one important tool for maintaining the flow of the essay.

Outlining the whole essay

The topic sentences are based on the thesis statement and they also develop a relationship between body paragraphs and the thesis statement. If the writers feel the need to outline the essay, these topic sentences would help them to do it effectively. Additionally, they will know the quality of these topic sentences if they can communicate a major point or not. If the topic sentences are not able to communicate the proper meaning in the outline, they will be useless in the actual essay. Thus, the writer should change the topic sentences to something more meaningful. The outline will help the essay writer to keep a consistent focus in the whole essay.

Helping the readers

When a person asks you about the definition of a topic sentence or what is a topic sentence, the most common answer may include the facilitation of the readers. The most important function of the topic sentences is that they allow the readers to get the feel of the whole paragraph. This function is especially important if the audience does not have enough time to read through the whole text. The topic sentence helps the readers to know what to expect in the whole paragraph. The topic sentence also allows the writer to keep his focus on the main idea. The use of topic sentences may also help the writers in making a proper table of contents for the college essay. The topic sentence allows the writer to use different verbs throughout the paragraph to support the topic sentence.

Coherent ideas

In a coherent paragraph, all the sentences should relate to the topic sentence or the idea of controlling the whole paragraph. The coherent text will allow each sentence to set in the text without any shift or jump from one idea to another. Clarity is another feature of a coherent paragraph that is achieved by connecting the old information to the new one. The length of a paragraph is also associated with its coherence. A very long paragraph may require some revision of whether a new paragraph should be started or not. In a very long paragraph, the writer may not be able to keep the same idea going through. A very short paragraph, on the other hand, will need that its controlling idea should be elaborated thoroughly. Another important aspect of coherence is to be consistent in many aspects like verb tense, number, and point of view. If the paragraphs show the transition from personal to impersonal pronouns or from past to present, the coherence of the paragraph is negatively affected. The reader may also get confused about the main points and the argument may get more difficult to follow for them. A reader may not go through more than one paragraph if there is confusion in the essay.

Repeating the keywords and phrases

The body paragraphs are meant to explain the thesis statement for the readers. The general rule is that each paragraph of the body section should focus on one keyword or phrase from the thesis. These words should be repeated several times depending upon the length of the paragraph. This is also important if you are presenting some important ideas or theories in the paragraph. The writer must remain consistent in referring to it. The reader will be able to understand the description presented in the paragraph in a better way with consistency and repetition. The topic sentences should be presented at the start of a paragraph but in some cases, these statements can also come in the end. In this case, a topic sentence will summarize all the points presented in the paragraph.

Creating parallel structures

These structures help the writer in making the sentences clearer and easier to read. A parallel structure is created by putting up two or more sentences that have the same grammatical structure and parts of speech. The writer should repeat a pattern in a series of sentences so that the reader can see the connection between different ideas. All these sentences should be connected to the topic sentence. A paragraph discussing the relationship between scientists and the sense of sight, the writer can give several examples to represent the parallel structure. The parallel structures should be based on the topic sentences.

If you are still not clear about the use and content of the topic sentences, you can contact an online essay writing service for help. These services can provide you with a free outline of the essay so that you can develop the content on it. You can specify the requirements in terms of topic sentences so that appropriate content can be added to the paragraphs. These services have expert writers for almost all the fields and they can provide you with relevant outlines and topic sentences. You can also take help from these services after writing the essay. They will check the consistency and other aspects of your essay.

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