Important differences between descriptive and expository essays

College essay writing has been the most frequent task throughout your academic years. You have different tasks that can further improve your analytical and writing skills.

Also, there are several types of essays that are very much common, such as descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative essays. Throughout your descriptive essay, you are asked to describe a certain situation, place, thing, or an individual. You are supposed to describe each specification that your instructor has asked for.

Each of every four styles of writing has a specific purpose, and they both involve various forms of writing skills. You should have seen them often related to discourse styles or rhetorical styles in an academic context.

Difference between descriptive papers and expository papers

  1. 1. Descriptive paper
  2. The descriptive paper focuses on helping the reader interpret a subject, case, location, or both of these items in depth in one go. In support of all sensory organs, the author may characterize the scenario. Descriptive writing provides a lot of creative expression for the writer than expository writing would.

    It can sometimes be poetic as the writers require the moment to be very descriptive in details provided by them.

    It can sometimes be poetic as the writers require the moment to be very descriptive in details provided by them.

    • It can be poetic sometimes when the author is about to explain the deepness of the details.
    • It describes people, places, things, and scenarios in a very detailed manner.
    • When the author is visualizing the scenes in one’s mind, it will be elaborative.

    For example;

    In a descriptive write-up, the author will not only say: “The people got the biggest betrayal from the ones they trust.”

    The essay writer will focus on the more detailed descriptions that can enhance the beauty of the context. It can be written as;

    “Many honest people are betrayed by the ones whom they ever trusted blindly and never thought of them in a bad way.”

    You would be using descriptive writing when explaining;

    • Poetry
    • Article writing/journal writing or writing a diary
    • Describing nature, or natural events
    • Elaborating the fictional passages

    Another example can be;

    “The iPhone 6 is remarkably lightweight. Although the frame size is greater than those of the previous iPhones, it's smaller, and its sleek, curved body is constructed of titanium, stainless steel, including glass. The case comes in a silvery-white, gold, or a specific color which the company names “space grey” which can be related to the pencil lead paint including darker gray highlights.”

    Now here you have been provided with the features of the iPhone 6, and obviously, it is a descriptive one.

  3. 2. Expository paper
  4. The expository term includes the expose phrase and it refers to explanation. The expository explanation is a perfect choice for the style of writing that it reveals, or puts forth a piece of deep information. It's the most growing form of writing that you'll come across all day long. A subject should be presented and set out in a rational order in an expository article without regard to the specific views of the speaker.

    Simply put, this is a particular topic-oriented type of writing, where writers concentrate on educating you about a particular issue or problem without sharing their personal views. Such forms of papers or documents provide you with important statistics and figures that do not include their viewpoints.

    Essentials of the write-up

    • Here you will usually explain the process of something
    • It is frequently supported with pieces of evidence and facts
    • It is usually composed in a logical and organized manner

    For example;

    “Most people compare a drop with the flavor of pumpkins. Industries from Starbucks and McDonalds carry out their mochas and sweets in pumpkin-flavored taste. And this is how you can create a simple pumpkin pie with only five ingredients. Firstly, you have to make sure that you have already got all the ingredients that are required to make a pumpkin pie.”

    So this is an expository write-up because it’s explaining the process of making a pumpkin pie. In short, you can give a title as well “how to make a pumpkin pie?”

    You would be applying expository writing in;

    • When you are about to write a textbook
    • When you are assigned to “how to” papers
    • Recipes
    • Explanatory stories that are free from own perspectives and opinions
    • It can be used in corporational, business, or scientific pieces of writings


    “Everybody assumes all of the pumpkin-flavored sweets are the best thing in autumn. Pumpkin pie is the perfect fall dessert since this is not only tasty but healthy too. Vitamin A loads the pumpkin, which would be important for a strong immune system and good vision.”

    This is not expository as there are many views, such as "Pumpkin pie is the perfect fall dessert ..." While this section includes a truth regarding vitamin A-containing pumpkin, the information is taken as justification to justify the belief. Such opinions allow this a compelling sample of writing.

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