Important Transition Words for Essays - Usage and Examples

Ever heard of transition words? I’m sure you have heard of transition sentences though! Those sentences that your professor won’t stop talking about.

The ones that you are used to moving from one point to the next. Remember them? Well, transition words are quite like them.

It’s just that while a transition sentence is a complete sentence, transition words are either words or phrases. Not complete sentences.

But they act the same.

There are many different purposes for a transition word. I have divided these purposes into categories so that you can get some transition words for essays. These words will help make your essays even better than before.

Let me tell you all about the different categories.

Category no. 1: Showing Similarities

Whenever you need to show similarities between any two subjects, you can use some transition words from this category.

These transition words are quite common in a college essay.

Also, they will ensure that the reader realizes how similar the two subjects that you are discussing.

Examples: also, in the same way, likewise, too, similarly, just as, etc.

Category no. 2: Showing Differences

Just like you need transition words or phrases to show some similarities, you also need transition words for the opposite.

When you need to show a contrast or imply an exception, you can use transition words.

In this way, you can make a clear distinction between what is similar and what is separate.

Examples: however, but, in spite of, in contrast, on the other hand, nevertheless, still, yet, on the contrary, etc.

Category no. 3: Writing in Sequence

There are times when it becomes important to write things sequentially. For example, if you are giving a speech and say that you have three points to discuss, then you will sequentially list those three points.

In such cases, people use transition words that allow for the sequence to continue.

Examples: first, firstly, second, secondly, third, thirdly, lastly, then, finally, next, etc.

Category no. 4: Showing Time Lapses

Some essays require that you use time lapses. For example, while writing a narrative essay, you may choose to reflect on past experiences. You will probably integrate a lot of past with the present.

So, in this case, you will use transition words like the ones mentioned below.

Examples: after, before, at last, earlier, currently, during, later, now, immediately, the, recently, subsequently, simultaneously, etc.

Category no. 5: Giving Examples

Now, this is a pretty common scenario, right? There are hundreds of instances where we need to give examples to prove our points.

This happens in every single essay where we need to prove some evidence for our arguments.

So, these pretty common transition words are used in essays so that those examples don’t seem weird.

Examples: for example, namely, for instance, specifically, to illustrate, etc.

Category no. 6: Placing Emphasis

Emphasis is something that is very important in essays. There are moments where you want to make a very good point but don’t know how to do it.

The problem is that you don’t know how to emphasize that this is an important point or this is what you want to talk about.

Luckily, transition words exist.

Examples: truly, of course, in fact, indeed, even, etc.

Category no. 7: Showing Position

Sometimes, essays take you in a completely different direction. For example, if an essay writer is doing a creative writing assignment then there are many ways you can approach it.

Some of the rarest transition words are used in these types of assignments.

The words that tell you about the place or position of an object or thing can be used in creative writing.

Examples: above, below, adjacent, beyond, nearby, here, there, in back, at the front, etc.

Category no. 8: Showing Cause and Effect

These ones are super important because they are used widely. Ok, so you guessed it. They are used in cause and effect essays but they are also used in normal essays.

After all, you need to show cause and effect in normal essays too and these words can be of real help.

Examples: so, thus, therefore, accordingly, consequently, hence, etc.

Category no. 9: Showing Evidence

Showing evidence of giving support to your argument can be found in also every single essay that you will write in either high school or college.

So, it is only fitting that transition words exist to help in that arena.

These transition words are quite common and can be of major help as they are needed quite a lot.

Examples: also, again, additionally, further, besides, equally important.

Category no. 10: Concluding

Again, the conclusion is found in every essay imaginable. Which means that you need something to indicate that the conclusion is happening.

Hence, we use transition words in conclusion.

Your reader needs to know that the end is near so we provide them with a few words that let them know that they won’t have to read long.

Examples: in conclusion, conclusively, finally, briefly, to conclude, on the whole, in brief, to summarize, in the end, etc.

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