An Impressive Commemorative Speech Sample made at the graduation ceremony - Example

Are you planning to write a speech for your graduation ceremony but you don’t have any idea how to make a start? There are a lot of people who think that writing a speech is a complicated task but it isn’t as difficult as you may think. An essay writer just has to understand the requirements of each speech type before writing. I know you must be excited but nervous because you have to deliver a speech at your graduation ceremony. Trust me it is not rocket science to write a speech you just need to know your audiences and the requirements of the speech.

If it is becoming difficult for you to write a speech you can conduct a brainstorming session and pen down all the ideas that come to your mind. This way you will not run out of ideas and content. You have to organize your thoughts to make sure that you don’t go off-topic. The use of vocabulary is an essential element of writing a speech. You have to choose the words wisely so that no one gets offended due to your choice of words. Structuring your Commemorative Speech is not an issue you just have to follow the standard structure of academic writing. The starting of your speech must be catchy enough to grab the attention of the audience. You can also use quotations from some famous personalities to impress your audiences. Let me share a sample example of a speech at your graduation to help you write an incredible speech or you can also ask others to write essay for me .

An Example of a Speech at the Graduation Ceremony

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the graduates, their parents, and their teachers. This is one of the biggest achievements of your lifetime. Indeed, today is a very special event in my life, I have always dreamt of this. Right now, it feels like a beautiful dream that just came true. All you who are sitting here today deserve a round of applause for being consistent despite all the hurdles and problems that you may have faced during the journey.

This journey must be different for everyone, some of you might have enjoyed it to its fullest while some of them may have faced some really difficult times and maybe some of you just survived it. The good news is that you all are here today receiving all the love and appraisal from your parents and teachers for striving to become successful.

This may be an ending of a journey but a beginning to a new life, a new chapter in your book, and a new road to life. Life is anything but a bed of roses and we can not expect it to become a mere bed of roses. We all have to struggle to make our wishes and dreams true. My dear fellows, you will encounter failures in life but you have to rise above failure to prove yourself. Rejection is a re-direction but giving up is not an option. If you feel tired of trying you can take a rest and try again because consistency is what got me here today and I will get you to your destiny one day.

I know everyone must have some plans after graduation and I really hope that all of you achieve your goals in life. We all should be flexible enough to bear whatever situation that is ahead of us. Some of us have studied information technology while some of us studied business but this is a reality that getting a job in our desired field is a tough title. You should not lose hope but keep trying and accept the situation with an open heart.

In the end, again I would congratulate everyone for achieving this milestone. I would not drag this speech any further and end this speech with a special thanks to each and every one of you who listened. I pray that the new journey gets you happiness and contentment in life.

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